#FF: These Stunning Ads Are Hiding in Your Twitter Feed

Since we always recap the best new commercials every month, I thought it was time to switch it up. The (mostly) print ads in this post were all recently taken from three Twitter handles you need to follow now: @Brilliant_Ads, @Adsoftheworld and @AdFreak. It’s our own version of #FF (Follow Friday).

While the ads below cover the full spectrum, from cute to moving, they all have one thing in common: they’ll make you look twice. In essence, that’s what a great ad does. It floats around your mind long after you’ve driven by that billboard, turned the magazine page or watched a quick preview. Though its presence is fleeting, it makes you think, and for that reason it’s beautiful.

Emily's Oz

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How to get a handle on life with these 3 iOS apps

Every app needs to serve a purpose. Send a message, check a score, save an idea. Dozens of apps can perform these functions. But some just do it better.

With that in mind, here are three beautiful apps that make life better.  Read More

How a Cold Email Can Land You Funding

Someone once told me, “If you ask for money, you get advice. If you ask for advice, you get money.”

Those words changed the entire course of my career. They helped me launch my startup Kiip, acquire several rounds of funding, and learn from the brightest in the industry.

Best Advice: How a Cold Email Landed Me Funding

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The App-by-App Guide to Getting Valentine Moments Right

Valentine’s Day is almost here – love it or hate it. Unfortunately, with half of adult Americans now declared single and the other half stressing over V-Day arrangements, there might be more in the latter camp than we’d like to believe.

Luckily, we put together five apps that will take away the stress of flowers, reservations and even finding a mate. Chill out: we’ve got you covered.

Valentine's Day Apps

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