How to Future-Proof Your Brand, On Mobile & Beyond

Staying relevant in a constantly changing arena. This is the number one concern I hear from brands.

As the CEO of mobile rewards startup Kiip, I’ve spoken with hundreds of brands. To them, staying relevant means reaching the smartphone generation, launching effective digital campaigns and ensuring their security for the future.

Today, remaining relevant means engaging consumers on mobile. Tomorrow, this could be expanding onto a different platform, like Apple Watch. Five years from now, brands may look to reach newer demographics on smart devices we haven’t yet dreamed up.

No matter the medium, there’s only one trick to future-proofing your brand: focusing on the “moment”.

How to Future-Proof Your Brand

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Older Games Get a New Look with Kiip Rewards

For Throwback Thursday, we’re announcing your favorite older games that now have a new twist – Kiip rewards. There are three new games on the Kiip network that pay tribute to the classics.

Stickman Jump now has Kiip rewards!

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Kiip Launches New Self-Serve Dash, Brands Activate Campaigns in Minutes

Kiip just launched a new Self-Serve dashboard!

The new dash enables brands of all sizes to boost customer acquisition efforts, generate leads and drive more sales. It streamlines campaign creation at Kiip and enables advertisers to reach target demographics in all-new ways.

Kiip's New Self-Serve Dashboard

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Kiip Up with Kiip’s SXSW Session!

Hey guys,

We’re heading to SXSW! Come see our awesome session on Sunday March 15th at 5PM at the Austin Convention Center 18ABCD.

Brian Wong is presenting a study on consumer engagement in connected devices, all backed by data from a biometric study. Check out the description below.

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