The App Monetization Trick You’re Not Using

Last month, RunKeeper announced its partnership with Kiip. It’s a big deal for the popular mobile fitness app, as it’s the first time in the app’s six-year history that it has featured any form of advertising. CEO of RunKeeper, Jason Jacobs, explained that he didn’t want to disrupt the experience of his 34+ million users with banner ads or intrusive interstitials. Instead, he turned to mobile rewards, which he felt complimented his app’s experience.

One key to creating a smooth flow with any kind of advertising, including rewards, is to create native ads. RunKeeper did a fabulous job of designing native rewards that blend within its app. With these rewards, users don’t feel as if they’re subjected to a spammy brand message after a workout. They feel like they’ve received a special gift, tailored to their exact needs.


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Sneak Peek: Rewards on Apple Watch

As many of our loyal readers know, Kiip isn’t just for mobile.

We’ve partnered with Mojio to bring rewards to your car. We showed users what Kiip-integrated wearables could look like on the mountain. Now, with the advent of Apple Watch, rewards have reached a whole new level.

We mocked up some Apple Watch rewards, so developers could get a preview of what moments will look like on – what is sure to be – the most popular wearable to date.

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What You Need to Know About Apple Watch

Rumors of the “iWatch” are true. During the September 9th keynote, Apple announced Apple Watch, the event’s most anticipated feature.

Apple Watch is touted as Apple’s most personal device yet. It’s not just a fitness tracker or wearable phone. It sets the bar a little higher for smartwatches.

Apple Watch

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Brian Wong on Fox Business [Video]

In the latest edition of “Where in the World is Brian Wong?” Brian appeared on Fox Business to discuss how Kiip is changing the mobile advertising industry one reward at a time.

In the interview, Brian discusses why banner ads are dying, the future of rewards on wearables and Silicon Valley as a hotbed for innovation.

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See You at dmexco!

Hey Kiipers!

If you’re in Germany, drop by dmexco in Cologne this week, on September 10th and 11th. dmexco is a digital marketing conference that connects the digital economy.

Kiip CEO Brian Wong will be there in-person, discussing moments, advertising and the future of the industry. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

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What the Future of Kiip-Integrated Wearables Looks Like

Team Daft Hack, the winners at Grow Hackathon this year, brought home a $10,000 check for their innovative new app – developed for wearables. Check out their story and learn about the app you need to download on the mountain this winter.

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