App Roundup: Turn Up The Music!

Whether your preferred choice of tunes is Beethoven, The Beatles, or Beyoncé —for many of us, music is connected with life’s everyday moments. And over the years, listening to music on-the-go has dramatically increased. Today, over 68% of U.S. smartphone owners listen to music through their mobile device. It’s no surprise that listening to music remains a popular source of entertainment. Yet in today’s tech world —it’s how we listen to music that’s changing. And one of those ways are through mobile apps. Check out Kiip’s top three music apps that enhance the music listening experience.

Music Moments Kiip

1. is a video social network for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos. It’s especially popular amongst teens. As you flip through each 15-second video within the app, you’ll discover millions of users singing, dancing, entertaining, and lip-syncing. has hit #1 in the iOS app store for free apps in 20 countries – including the United States.  Alongside Snapchat, is one of the major apps that boosted the concept of vertical videos — it is gradually becoming the standard for viewing “in-the-moment” videos.

2. Tune Me

Tune Me helps you record tracks with Pitch Shift and Auto-Pitch effects over dozens of free hip-hop and R&B beats. You’re able to set the Auto-Pitch effect to full strength to “T-Painify” your voice, or lower it for subtle correction. Tune Me allows users to share their ready-to-go fresh tracks to Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Tune M

3. Songstream

Songstream is the ultimate music platform to listen to music, even after you close the app. Songstream has a built-in player that stream songs directly from YouTube, allowing users to choose any track of their liking. And an added bonus is that users are able to watch music videos in-app at any moment. To discover new music, Songstream curated playlists for users to enjoy—which could match their mood or activity. Songstream’s music lovers are able to organize their favorite songs into playlists, share what they’re listening to with their friends on Facebook and Twitter, and even connect it to Apple TV and watch videos on the big screen!

songstream, Tune Me, and Songstream all take advantage of Kiip Neon. Check out how your app can too!

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