Brian Wong Speaks @ VentureBeat Mobile Summit [Update: Full Video]

Brian Wong prepares to speak at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit, today. Brian will speak during a Fireside Chat with Gregg Colvin, COO, Universal McCann that is moderated by Monica Bannan, VP of Global Audience Measurement, The Nielsen Company.

What will Brian, Gregg and Monica be discussing?

“Mobile Ad Placement Isn’t Only About Demographics Anymore”

It’s a topic that will discuss the transformation of moments into the most positive interaction point for brands trying to reach their audiences on mobile.

The chat begins at 5:10pm PT. We’ll be posting more info on this chat as it becomes available.

Full video of the talk has been posted on VentureBeat’s YouTube page. Watch below.

Follow Brian on Twitter. If you’re curious about how brands can work with moments, email us.

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