How Brands can Reward Productivity Moments

At Kiip, marketing is about moments. Moments are the emotionally-charged actions that occur when someone completes an run, reaches a high score in a game or swipes a to-do task. Moments exist everywhere. They happen billions of times per day. Kiip helps brands find the right moments to reach and engage their consumers.

We looked across the mobile ecosystem and found that productivity is a huge part of people’s mobile lives. Everyday, millions of smartphone users plan out their day, stay on track and set reminders to run errands. Marketing is about finding moments of intent, Kiip makes it simple for brands to find consumers during moments of intent.

We collect a lot of data at Kiip. Here’s what we found across productivity apps using Kiip.

Productivity Stats:

  • 9M Unique Users per Month
  • 13% In-App Engagement Rate
  • 30% Repeat In-App Engagement Rate

Moment Types:

  • Task Complete – A user completes a task on their list
  • Shopping List Complete – A user completes their shopping list
  • Set Reminder – A user sets a reminder to complete a task at a specific time

Moment Categories:

  • Groceries
  • Fitness
  • Study, homework and exams
  • Cooking & Recipes
  • Personal Finance
  • Email
  • Entertainment
  • Buy Retail
  • Diet

Productivity Apps
Productivity Apps Any.DO, Out of Milk and myHomework

We recently ran reward campaigns with Quaker and Bolthouse Farms. Each campaign was aimed at finding busy consumers throughout their day and rewarding them with free product samples and coupons. The campaigns brought together the timeliness of in-the-moment task management, with the fidelity of a unique brand message and ultimately added value with rewards.

Consumers enjoyed the recognition and shared their stories on Twitter and Facebook. This created new opportunities for the brands to engage with the consumer, again.

Marketing is about engaging moments of intent. Kiip makes it simple for brands to engage consumers during moments of intent with rewards.

Activating Brands in Moments
There are two simple fundamentals to moments-based marketing.

1. Understanding User Behavior
Moments exist in many different contexts, such as gaming, fitness, food, sports, music, productivity and more. By understanding what users are doing and who they are, we can effectively create campaigns that reach and engage the right users.

2. Adding Relevant Value
The second, is adding relevant value. As marketers, it is our responsibility to respect users. Rewards are an effective way to recognize users in the moments that matter most to your brand and add value in a delightful, respectful way.

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