Welcome to the “Moments” Club, InMobi!

Today, InMobi announced Miip, an animated monkey that enables users to log purchase behaviors across the app ecosystem. The hope is that this leads to better personalization for InMobi’s mobile ad platform.

InMobi's Miip echoes what Kiip has advocated for years.

Like Kiip, InMobi is an advertising platform that delivers branded content to mobile users. While in some ways it’s a competitor, in other ways it’s a partner.

With its new announcement, InMobi is joining the “Moments” club full-time and saying “no to traditional ads.” It’s a step in the right direction, promoting positive change througout the advertising industry.

InMobi is echoing the philosophy Kiip has promoted since our launch five years ago. When we band together to create ads that lead to more relevant experiences, brands and consumers both benefit.

InMobi's Miip echoes what Kiip has advocated for years.

This sentiment sums up what advertising should strive to become: a relationship. Ads shouldn’t be a barrage of unwanted impressions. Kiip believes that by providing consumers with content they want to see – feasible via Kiip’s Moments Targeting technology or InMobi’s Miip – everybody wins.

Whenever advertisers cross over to the “moments” side, it reinforces that we’ve been doing something right since day one. We’re excited to have InMobi join our vision, so we can band together to connect brands and consumers with content that people like.

Cheers to an improved industry that respects its audience, and cheers to a better tomorrow.

Kiip redefines how brands connect with consumers through moment-based rewards. Rewards increase engagement and purchase intent, and 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer rewards over ads.

Hundreds of brands already use Kiip. To learn more, visit kiip.me/brands.

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