Kiip Up #9

As we near closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s important to realize what we’re thankful of. I am certainly thankful of the past year and the entire family that we’ve built around Kiip, including our team, our developer partners, our brand partners, and our investors and advisors. But that’s for next week =).

This week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with our EMEA partners and with Eamonn Carey, who is heading up our presence in that region. London is big for our network because of our traffic there, and it’s not surprising to see rewards come fast and strong from that market. I’m pleased to share that our first international campaigns will be rolling out in the first week of December, in two different markets: Canada, and the United Kingdom. More details will be shared soon. 

I wanted to share some fun pictures from our visit out to ustwo™ in London, the guys behind the massively growing Whale Trail game. I was inspired by their studio, and their culture.  On the left is Mills, or CHIEF WONKA™, and on the right is his mobile management platform™.

Without further ado, here are our favorite links from the past week:

  1. In the last three years, mobile gaming apps have significantly cut into more traditional gaming consoles’ revenues. As the pie of portable gaming revenues widens and changes, the $1.9 billion mobile gaming industry’s increasing popularity and competitive pricing will keep Nintendo and Sony on their toes. 

  2. And speaking of taking things mobile, Wal-Mart is launching its first iPad app and making some changes to it’s original iPhone app. Adding coupons, in-store item location information, shopping lists and voice dictation technology, the company is all set for the holiday season. Coming from one of the world’s largest retailers, we’re loving this.
  3. Gap is going mobile too; they’re offering personalized location-based deals via SMS at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic stores. The trend continues in the UK, where 30 of the top 47 retailers have mobile websites and/or smartphone apps (see why we love the UK?).
  4. Part of transitioning into mobile also involves thinking about the multiscreen experience, because the majority of users multitask with several screens — phone, tablet, TV, etc. For marketers, its especially important to understand this experience, what multitaskers are attracted to and what they’re trying to accomplish. Accessing is the simplest form: what can you do beyond accessibility?

  5. With thriving m-commerce and new phones constantly debuting — check out this hilarious TV spot for the new BlackBerry Torch 4G — the mobile space is hot, hot, hot. And it’s only getting hotter; by September of next year, it’s expected that smartphone penetration in the U.S. will reach 50%. How’s that for impressive growth?
Happy early holidays all, and see you next week! For those of you in Los Angeles this coming Tuesday on the 22nd, we’d love to say hi. Let me know if you’d like to catch up.

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