Nielsen: Kiip Outperforms Brand Lift Benchmarks by 9x

Nielsen released a case study on how Kiip validates its mobile strategy through measurement. And within the study there was an impressive measurement that stuck out to us —Kiip outperformed Nielsen’s brand lift benchmark norm by 9x!

Nielsen & Kiip

What exactly is brand lift? According to Nielsen, brand lift is the percentage increase in the primary objective of a brand advertising campaign, and is used by brand marketers to measure the extent to which their advertising has shifted consumer perception against awareness, attitudes, favorability, intent, or preference.

Check out the rest of Nielsen’s case study on Kiip below.

Nielsen + Kiipdbe-kiip-mobile-case-study-jan-2016 2

Need a visual to see how exactly Kiip integrates brands that directly leads to a high brand lift? Check out our demo tool!

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