Kiip Self-Serve Now Open to All Businesses

We are excited to announce our Self-Serve platform is now open to the world! Now, any company can boost its customer acquisition efforts by rewarding Kiip’s 60 million users across our network of 1,500+ games and apps.

The Self-Serve platform has been in beta for five months and we’re excited to share the results.

Over 50 brands ranging from established e-commerce companies like Hulu and to emerging startups like and BarkBox have run more than 100 campaigns. Kiip has become a strategic partner to generate leads, acquire new customers and drive sales during this holiday season. Some other partners offering reward include: ProFlowers, BeachMint, Vistaprint, Homejoy, Exec, invino, Shutterfly and more.

These brands have offered free cab fare, exclusive discount codes, subscription trials, and a free year of movies! Performance has been outstanding with industry-leading in-app engagement rates of 5-7% and average email open rates of 30%.

Creating a Kiip reward campaign is simple. Decide what reward you want to give away, who you want to give it to and set it live.
We offer real-time analytics to follow your campaign as it performs.

Pretty soon you’ll discover that users love to share their Kiip Rewards.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get started with your first Kiip reward campaign.

Reach mobile users when they’re happy. Get started today.

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