Why You Need to Increase Your Mobile Ad Budget – Right Now

Your mobile ad spend has a greater effect on your business’s performance than you think. Don’t lose out.

Why you need to increase your mobile marketing budget – a breakdown

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Traditionally, a company’s marketing campaign is split into several divisions: print, broadcast, out-of-home (think billboards) and so on. Digital is only one slice of the media mix pie and mobile is only one fragment of that. In the end, mobile gets about 10 percent of the total campaign budget – and it’s the first to be cut when ad spending gets slashed.

Why is this? For one, marketers find it difficult to track performance on mobile. The lack of cookies, accidental clicking and unfair comparisons to desktop are factors that make marketers believe mobile is unreliable. However, mobile’s distinctions from desktop shouldn’t be considered a negative quality. Instead, marketers should recognize and leverage mobile’s unique assets.

Mobile as a solution

Mobile is the most personal device that consumers own. It tells marketers where consumers are located in real-time. It offers information on their activities: exercise, food preferences, when they have downtime, even their spending habits. It can even track their moods and notify marketers as to the best time to reach out.

More users are turning to mobile now for information. This gives marketers a chance to reach out with content tailored for their demographics. Instead of one-size-fits-all ads, as is the case with billboards, television and so on, mobile marketers have practically limitless opportunities to discern who their consumer is and what they want to see.

According to eMarketer, US adults spend an average of 2 hours and 51 minutes on their phones per day. That’s almost three hours each day where marketers can reach them – outlasting desktop. The same report states that by 2018, mobile will account for 70 percent of digital ad spend. It’s an inevitable campaign shift that marketers can no longer ignore.

Making mobile work for your brand

When choosing to advertise on mobile, wading through the options can be a headache. The most popular options currently are:

  • Banners
  • Interstitials
  • Videos
  • Native
  • Rewards

If you want a general idea of what works and what doesn’t, we’ve laid out a basic understanding of these options before. To recap: banners weren’t designed for mobile. They were copied over from desktop, but the smartphone – an already tiny space – doesn’t allow for banner success with its even tinier screen. Likewise, interstitials, especially freezing interstitials, often annoy users and contribute to negative feelings towards brands. They provide no value and delay users from interacting with what they love: the app content.

Due to engagement, the most successful options are videos, native and rewards. The best option is to find a company that gives you a selection of all three.

Kiip offers rewards in traditional, video and native form. Our Rewarded Video product has a 77 percent view-through rate, a remarkable rate for video ads industry-wide. We’ve accomplished this by matching apps with relevant content, such as featuring a trailer for the Walking Dead inside Into the Dead, a mobile zombie game. We also acknowledge how users react to video content on mobile vs. desktop. We keep creatives scaled appropriately and video content geared towards users’ attention spans.

On the other hand, our native rewards flow seamlessly within each app; they feel less like branded content than they do an achievement that users crave. Due in part to timing and in part to smooth design, these have a much higher engagement rate than traditional ads.

The trick isn’t to copy ads from another medium onto mobile. Advertisers must embrace the nuances of a smaller screen and find ways to tailor ads to their demographics. With personalized devices, there’s no excuse for brands to deliver impersonal campaigns.

Our simplified dashboard

We recently redesigned our self-serve flow, making it easier than ever to begin a brand campaign. In just a couple clicks, you can set up Real Reward, App Install, Direct Link or Branded Moment campaigns. And to address marketers’ fear of performance tracking: the dash gives you an upfront picture of how campaigns perform, so you can keep a close eye on your ad spend.

Want to get in touch? We know mobile marketing and we’d love to help you find the campaign that works for you. Email us at success@kiip.me.

Kiip redefines how brands connect with consumers through moment-based rewards. Rewards increase engagement and purchase intent, and 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer rewards over ads.

Hundreds of brands already use Kiip. To learn more, visit kiip.me/brands.

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