Kiip & SafeDrive Gamify Distraction-Free Driving

Texting and driving is now responsible for more deaths in the US than drinking and driving. In fact, it’s the number one cause of teen fatalities.

With that in mind, SafeDrive has invented an app that encourages drivers to leave their phones alone while behind the wheel.

The 6-Step Guide to Future-Proofing Your Brand

Every brand on earth is worried about how to remain relevant. Whether that means switching up tactics to market to millennials or updating your strategy for a mobile audience, we’re not going to lie – there’s a lot that can make you worry.

Luckily, there’s a way to future-proof your brand and stay relevant for the next generation of consumers and devices.

5 Cannes Lions Winners Changing the World

Cannes Lions was brimming with memorable campaigns this year.

To name a few, there was Soundcloud’s tribute to the Berlin Wall memorial and Apple’s user-submitted gallery of photos shot on an iPhone 6. They were vivid, imaginative and in some instances, haunting.

Yet amid the competitors, a few winners stood tall.