M.I.C. Drop: Second Screen Moments to Own This Awards Season

This Spring will usher in the inspiration to tidy up and a continuation of Awards Season. As top second screen events, Awards Shows offer brands the opportunity to become an extension of the experience by engaging viewers across trending mobile moments during and after the awards. Learn more about maximizing the second screen and making the most of the spring cleaning mindset in this month’s M.I.C. Drop!

Developers—What You Need to Know About App Users

Wish you could know more about your app users? Good app developers are always seeking more insights about their users in order to improve their app. What features do your users love? Why do users uninstall? What do they think about your advertising strategy? We surveyed over 50,000 app users across the Kiip network, with our new survey product, to get feedback on some of these important topics.

VIDEO: Using Kiip to Increase User Engagement and Loyalty via Corona Labs

In this special interview, Kabir Mathur, Head of Business Development at Kiip chats with Charles McKeever at Corona Labs to talk about how developers can take advantage of key moments in their game to deliver relevant, branded rewards to players. As Kabir points out, Kiip isn’t just for games. Productivity and niche apps can use Kiip as well. Kabir also shares two ways developers are creating a sense of urgency when presenting rewards.

Developer Spotlight: Zen Labs Fitness

Kiip works with thousands of developers, so it only makes sense for us to interview the masterminds behind the apps we integrate into. In this Q&A we meet Bradley Duong, the co-founder of Zen Labs Fitness and the popular app C25K (Couch to 5k). Check out Bradley’s responses below about the lessons he’s learned while developing and monetizing his app.