Kiip’s Fast Company Innovation Festival Session [Photo Recap]

Kiip hosted their second Fast Company Innovation Fest session. Kiip’s CEO, Brian Wong, and CRO, Ali Rayfield, revealed 10 exclusive “cheat codes” within the adtech industry. Brands, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs along different verticals popped in Kiip’s newly renovated NYC offices to join Ali and Brian’s session. Check out the snapshots!

App Roundup: Turn Up The Music!

Today, over 68% of U.S. smartphone owners listen to music through their mobile device. It’s no surprise that listening to music remains a popular source of entertainment. Yet in today’s tech world —it’s how we listen to music that’s changing. And one of those ways are through mobile apps. Check out Kiip’s top three music apps that enhances the music listening experience.

3 Ways Your Brand Can Leverage Consumer Mobile Behavior

With dozens of popular social media platforms, over two million apps available, and competitors racking up their ad spending — your mobile marketing strategies can get a bit blurry on how your brand could guarantee a high ROI. So, which direction should you take when it comes to engaging with your mobile consumers? The answer lies within every marketers’ ultimate gold mine — your consumers’ behavior.

Mobile Consumers & Their Holiday Shopping Habits [Survey Infographics]

We’re four months out from the holiday season, yet in the ad industry we all know that brands are already plotting out their marketing strategies and how they can effectively capture their targeted audiences in time for the biggest shopping season of the year! Kiip recently launched a survey tool to gather relevant mobile consumer data. Check out the responses and see which category you fall under when it comes to your holiday purchases!

Event Recap: Respecting The Digital User Experience

As two leading start-ups in today’s ad tech space, Flite and Kiip realized that they both shared the same core value — always respect the user. We decided to team up and create a panel discussion on the topic and to hash it out with San Francisco based agencies, brands, and publications. Here’s the recap.

Kiip Up at Cannes 2016!

Ready or not, here Cannes comes! Between being represented as one of Unilever’s Foundry 50 and hosting a yacht party with Sito Mobile — Kiip is beyond excited to be apart of the Cannes Lions 2016 festivities.