Kiip’s Moments: Coolio Rolls with Some New Homies

It’s everyone’s secret fantasy to party with an iconic hip hop artist — but this dream actually came true at the 2013 South by Southwest festival, when we were lucky enough to host the hottest after-party in town with Coolio.

Source: Facebook, Coolio

We snagged Coolio for a last-minute concert at Austin’s Tap Room. Since we had less than a week to organize and blast the event, Coolio was left with nowhere to stay but at a house we rented in South Austin. Our CTO, Courtney Guertin, graciously offered his room for the star — a statement he never thought he’d give — and in the blink of an eye, Coolio became both a headliner and our bunkmate.

As soon as the door to the house swung open, champagne bottles popped and tales of Coolio’s “Gangster Paradise” days surfaced. After a few glasses of bubbly and legendary “Coolio Juice,” we headed off to the show, where the concert was epic, and the subsequent Path + Spotify event with Jane’s Addiction was a blurry, celebrity-studded extravaganza. We spent the night chasing Coolio throughout the crowd (and losing him a few times), when it became clear some even more outrageous after-party action was about to go down. Especially when Coolio’s head turned about 180 degrees and he announced in a startlingly sober, deadpan voice, “Yo. I gotta go to the grocery store.”

“Coolio was in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up, chopping onions like a boss.

Two giant carts of food later, Coolio was in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up, chopping onions like a boss. He whipped up some killer Vietnamese vegetarian rolls, followed by a steaming heap of meaty spaghetti large enough to feed the 80-odd partiers who trickled into the house upon hearing rumors of Coolio-fueled shenanigans. To everyone’s surprise, the food was not only edible, but absolutely fantastic, as Coolio admitted to hosting his own cooking series, “Cookin’ with Coolio,” and starring on an episode of the Food Network’s “Celebrity Cook-Off.”

The party almost got shut down by the house’s landlord, who at 3am, demanded that Coolio and the gang turn the volume down or go home. This didn’t impede the mood, as everyone slurped noodles in silence, too afraid to break the magic of the moment, letting the “#Shhhhh #Silentspaghettiparty” rage on.

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