Kiip featured in Fast Company and Adweek

What an exciting week. Not only was Kiip featured in Fast Company’s The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies 2013 but was also listed on Adweek’s feature highlighting seven “would-be mobile titans” the same day. When you’re alongside innovators such as Amazon, Google, Facebook or Square it’s hard not to believe you’re creating something very right.


Fast Company ranked Kiip no. 45 on their list, “for making mobile ads that people want.” 45 of 50 might not seem like a celebratory engagement, but it is when discussing the world’s most innovative companies. Fast Company also listed Kiip as the #3 most innovative mobile company of 2013, bested only by Uber and Evernote.

We consider those two pretty good company. Fast Company explained Kiip’s appeal as, “…twofold. An advertiser greets users just at the moment they’re feeling good about themselves, and the ad has tangible value.” The write-up also made an amazing skee-ball photoshoot a reality (above).

Not long after Fast Company’s list hit the web, Adweek spotlighted Kiip in “They Might Be Giants, From Google to startups like Square, a look at seven would-be mobile titans.” Adweek noted that, “unlike Kiip’s competitors, Wong [CEO, Kiip] has made sure his platform feels serendipitous,” something we hope makes a Kiip reward feel truly rewarding. The article also gave light to a new Brian Wong caricature (below).


We’re humbled to be amongst such great companies working to create the amazing. In the words of Brian Wong (from Fast Company), “Everything’s better when you’re happy.”

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