Kiip Favorite App: Out of Milk

Out of Milk is simple–it makes lists and it’s darn good at it. Intended for grocery shopping, Out of Milk will help you manage your pantry and compare what you have with what you need. The app also benefits from nice-to-have features such as excellent voice recognition, barcode scanning and local deal-finding that can help you get the best bang for your buck. With Out of Milk, you’ll be able to create new lists in seconds.

Out of Milk tracks what you need in an easy-to-read manner, while maintaining smooth app navigation. Nobody likes making lists that they can never find. With Out of Milk, you can craft lists while adding or subtracting items in a moment’s notice. Ideally, this should help make shopping experiences faster and more efficient.

Another benefit Out of Milk offers is general list-making. Why segment your lists amongst many different apps when the can all be in one place? ‘Clean the car’ can be placed on a chores list while ‘apple, peanut butter and crackers’ stay on your grocery list. Also, with the Pro version of the app, you can share lists with other Pro users. Imagine creating a list for your husband, roommate or partner and having it automatically upload to their app. Brilliant.

Out of Milk is Kiip-enabled for Android devices, and also available on iOS (currently without Kiip).

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