Kiip Favorite App: Turbo Racing League

Turbo Racing League is one of the best racing games for mobile right now. Even better, it’s also free. Based on the upcoming Dreamworks film Turbo, you take control of a speedy snail, racing through all sorts of challenges. With nine different tracks, tons of race types, and plenty of unlockables Turbo Racing League will provide plenty of racing enjoyment.

After cruising through a quick tutorial, you’re ready to take on some of the challenges that will all help in upgrading your snail. Game types range from classic time trial to 1v1 races to slalom, among others. Our personal favorite is a distance challenge in which you’ll need to collect gas cans to keep your snail moving along the track. Run out of gas and it’s game over.

Each race is no longer than two minutes, so it’s super easy to chain together multiple races. It’s just as easy to pick up and play as it is to end a session if you have something to do (like get off the bus). Your snail will constantly improve thanks to better equipment purchased from the store like sweet new spoilers or even better exhaust. You can even turn your snail purple with a custom paint job (highly recommended).

Turbo Racing League remains challenging as you collect more tomatoes for upgrades, fight for faster times or compete on the leaderboards. Also, The game has a share video feature so you have evidence to back up any challenges you might put out to your friends. The only mild disappointment with Turbo Racing League is the lack of multiplayer, but that is offset by the sheer amount of racing fun offered.

Turbo Racing League is Kiip-enabled for both Android and iOS.

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