Kiip’s Hackathon – Here Are the Winners!

On Friday, Kiip employees assembled into teams for a company-wide hackathon.

From forecasting tools to charity giveaways, the ideas were numerous and varied. But after the initial dust settled, only a few stood ready to take on the challenge of implementing a new vision in under a day.

Here were the four best proposals.

The winner

1. Automated report generation

This tool comes with a few handy hacks. On campaign activation, it automatically creates and sends screenshots of the different rewards in the context of each moment. On campaign deactivation, it automatically sends a wrap report with images of each reward and how they performed throughout the campaign. Everything is generated by the Kiip system, so there’s a precise view of campaign performance without wasting time crunching the numbers.

This hack is now live! Check out the new report capabilities in your dashboard.

Automated Report Generator

The honorable mentions

1. Moments map

This live map captures a real-time feed of Kiip’s network. In an engrossing visual, watch where in the world users engage with Kiip rewards and moments. Moments in different verticals show up as a different colors – green for fitness, red for gaming and so on. The map tracks activity globally, so you can compare London to Vancouver as you circle the world 80 times over.

LiveMap Hackathon

2. Drag & drop dashboard

This custom demo shows potential brands what their campaign management dashboard will look like when the partnership goes live. The dashboard is easily tailored to any brand, tracking accurate metrics and including brand-specific visuals.

Demo Hackathon

3. Up Kiip

Fitness junkies would love this Jawbone integration. Up Kiip is a hack that enables Jawbone Up fitness trackers to recognize and reward users’ health moments. The wearable syncs up with Kiip-enabled apps like RunKeeper, Sleepio, MyFitnessPal and more to track workouts, sleep cycles, calories burned and overall mood.

Up Kiip Hackathon

Which idea was your favorite? Shout out in the comments below or let us know on Twitter.

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