Kiip Mobile Gaming Championship Competition #1: A New Guinness World Record™ Record

The first qualifying competition of the Kiip Mobile Gaming Championship is over, and we have crowned our first winner!

Congratulations to 21-year-old Alayna Felton from Minnesota, who destroyed the competition. Alayna was one of Into the Dead’s many global participants over the weekend of October 11-13. This served as the first qualifying competition of the Kiip Mobile Gaming Championship to search for the best mobile gamers on Earth.

Posting an official score of 32,858, she smashed Into the Dead’s previous high score of around 23,800. It was not only good enough to take home the top prize (a Samsung Galaxy S4), but also put her name in the next Guinness World Records™ Gamer’s Edition. She advances to our final Championship competition in December to compete for the title of “world’s best mobile gamer.”

Some interesting stats from the Into the Dead Swarm:

  • More than five weeks (870 hours) worth of gameplay were clocked.
    The Swarm ran for only two and a half days.
  • Players ran 47,677,346 total meters away from zombies.
    That’s enough to go around the planet more than once.
  • Double the number of people competed compared to past swarms.
    Swarms usually have thousands of competitors. Doubling our largest number of competitors was outstanding.

Thanks to PikPok for hosting the competition and awesome job by all involved. If you missed out or want another shot at the top spot, don’t forget about the next qualifying competition.

The Lane Splitter competition takes place during the first weekend of November (the1st-3rd). Download the game for Android or for iOS.

See you then!

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