Kiip Never Sleeps: SXSW 2016 Recap

SXSW was a big success for Kiip this year. From Brian’s keynote to the Kiip Never Sleeps party. Here’s a photo recap (and don’t forget to check out our video at the end) of our favorite moments from this year’s SXSW. Are you ready? 

T-Pain and Ali are ready!

Kiip SXSW 2016

We kicked off SXSW interactive with a keynote from Brian on Day 1. Brian talked about IoT devices, connected moments and the future of marketing. The crowd loved it and was completely  inspired by the opportunities that come with the emergence and popularity of IoT devices.


Later that night, Brian sat down with T-Pain pre-party to talk about the moments in his life: the moment he knew that he made it, most embarrassing moments, funny tour moments, and his defining moment.

Kiip SXSW 2016

Then all the Kiipers got to meet and greet with T-Pain, including taking these awesome pictures.

Kiip SXSW 2016

Kiip SXSW 2016

Kiip SXSW 2016

Then, it was time to party.

Kiip SXSW 2016

And party we did.

Kiip SXSW 2016

Even our old friend Coolio showed up for the party.


We think no one will ever forget…


Kiip SXSW 2016


Kiip SXSW 2016


Kiip SXSW 2016

The next day at SXSW…

The team went to Salt Lick for some good ole’ Texas BBQ (to help with party recovery).


And Brian spoke at The Irish Startup Wake, in memory of all the Irish Startups that didn’t make it. Brian spoke about his own shortcomings as an entrepreneur and what he has done to overcome them, giving the crowd a little hope for the future.




Brian finished off with a toast to fallen Irish startups.


Here’s the video recap from the party:

Did you go to SXSW? What were your favorite moments from this year?

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