Kiip Welcomes American Express Ventures

Every once in awhile you come across partnerships and collaboration opportunities that just make sense. At Kiip, we’ve had a history of working with great strategics and pushing amazing results. Whether it be with existing investors Verizon and their developer community or IPG and its Mediabrands division, Kiip’s ecosystem of investors, developers, brands, and consumers becomes stronger with every partnership.

With Kiip approaching its 3rd anniversary, and celebrating a series of wins, we are excited to announce our latest: an investment from American Express Ventures. They’ll be a part of our incredible roster of strategic investors and I am confident that our ecosystem will become even stronger as a result.As Kiip expands into more verticals, becoming even more integrated into peoples’ lives beyond gaming, we have evolved beyond media and advertising into a company that builds value into every moment.

We’re excited to celebrate with Amex, as one of the most recent investments under their newly formed venture group. I also wanted to take a moment to highlight Harshul Sanghi, the man at the helm of the group based in Silicon Valley. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Harshul over the past year, and I am extremely supportive of his mission in the venture ecosystem. Amex’s strategic investment model is a unique one that supports entrepreneurs and builds the right connections at the right time between both parties.

Stay tuned for more to come!

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  • This is really good news! If I’d have thought of Kiip’s concept, I’d have thought, no way. But watching Brian interviewed on various formats has given me lots of ideas, including that people should be randomly rewarded for leaving comments at the end of a blog!

    Plus, I have 4 additional ideas not in play at Kiip which would deepen the customer experience and inch you forward into “owning every achievement moment.” I’m just looking over your shoulder while you’re looking over shoulders, noticing ways things could be better! Ask me and I’ll be happy to tell you. I mean, do you have incentives in place for THAT?