Kiip’s Moments: Love Is a Paintball Battlefield

Dressed in goggles and armor, we might as well have been soldiers walking towards enemy territory. At least that’s how it felt at our paintball extravaganza.

Source: Flickr, JoelFletch

Early one morning, 20 Kiipers arrived at Paintball Jungle in Napa, some in full protective gear and some in white tees to proudly display splatters of paint. Our gang was quietly buzzing with anticipation as we chose guns and formed squads, the only shooters to grace an otherwise empty field.

The teams met to go over training and militant strategy, but when the whistle blew, it was every man for himself. Players ducked, dodged and dived through the grounds, avoiding enemy shots while rapid firing at the slightest sign of movement. Good men were lost, while others (possibly Charisse, but we’re not naming names) reaped gun-fueled glory in a chaotic blaze of rainbow paints.

“[He] stumbled to the ground,

hand clutched to his neck as blue goop
oozed between his fingers.

Sometime amid the harlequin-hued havoc, a combination of yells and laughter rang across the field. Our CEO extraordinaire Brian Wong stumbled to the ground, hand clutched to his neck as blue goop oozed between his fingers. He’d been hit in the gap between his face mask and breastplate, where an open patch of skin was now dyed with color. We all gathered around in silent trepidation, but the quiet only lasted for a few seconds before we broke out into hysterics, no one daring to own up to the game-stopping shot.

Hours later, we gathered over a tasty lunch from Kinder’s Meats & BBQ, while showing off battle wound bruises and exchanging war stories, fatigued but content with the days’ work. Employee offsites build team coordination, but there are few occasions more satisfying than when a company embodies its own motto — in this case, our rewardable moments. After all, it’s not often that employees bond over a man-down situation, yet it’s those unforeseen moments that spark the most smiles.

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