Meet a Kiiper: Grace Lee

Our team is comprised of the best and brightest from every field but their dazzling personalities are what really make Kiip the amazing company that it is. That’s why every month we like to profile a Kiiper so the world can know just how awesome our team is.

In this edition of Meet a Kiiper we chatted with Grace Lee. Grace is half of our design team duo and she’s always busy making everything at Kiip look beautiful. 


When did you start working at Kiip?

A little over 2 years! I started in September 2014.

What do you do? (What is that?)

Design! I work with a lot of different departments within Kiip to make things look on-brand. My responsibilities range from designing campaign creatives for Sales to making Instagram/blog post images for Marketing. I have designed decks/user flow mock ups for our Business Development team and worked on a couple of projects with the Product team.

What do you love most about working at Kiip?

My favorite thing about working at Kiip is that I get to try a lot of different things and diversify my workload. I also love all my coworkers. Coming into work everyday doesn’t feel like a chore because everyone here is so fun to work with.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on – or – what was a benchmark that was reached that you were particularly proud of?

I’m pretty proud of the icons I made for our website’s redesign. It was a super fun project because it pushed me to get creative and really think about shapes, colors, etc. 

IMG_0886When you’re not at Kiip what are you most likely doing?

Eating lots of foods, biking around, visiting museums, going to shows, sneaking into hotel pools…I like keeping busy!

What is your favorite kiip integrated app?

Perfect 365. It makes my face look funny and makes me laugh -haha!

What’s your favorite movie?

Oh man this is a hard one … I’m going to go with Lost in Translation.

What is your favorite song right now?

Caroline by Aminé

Do you have any hidden talents?

Not sure if these are talents but I can play a few musical instruments like ukulele, piano…AND I make THE DOPEST eggplant parm.

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