Kiip MGC: A Champion is Crowned

The World’s Best Mobile Gamer has been crowned.

After hundreds of thousands of players from around the world competed in five mobile gaming competitions over the span of three months, one competitor stood above the rest: 16-year-old Aryana Garza from Brownsville, Texas.

Aryana locked down the title of world’s best mobile gamer by beating 17 other qualifiers in the final round, recording a high score of 88,164,258 in Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force. Among the 18 total participants, the average score was 9,458,297, making Aryana’s achievement an impressive one.

For taking home the top spot, Aryana earned:

  • PlayStation 4 prize pack
  • Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray
  • Guinness World Records 2014 Edition Book
  • prize pack (Twitch live streamed the final round of gameplay)
  • The Kiip Mobile Gaming Championship 1st Place Trophy

When asked what her plans for the PS4 were, Aryana said, “I’ll probably give it to my dad and brother,” because she enjoys mobile games more.

Aryana loves pinball in the real world, so she was really excited when she discovered the Championship Round would be Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force. Her secret to having the top score? Persistence. Aryana played 60 times over the Final MGC weekend. She also advocates focusing on the game’s many extra bonuses.

To reach the final round, Aryana competed in the qualifying competitions finishing 8th overall across all four games: Into the Dead, 7×7, Lane Splitter and Flick Kick Football Kickoff.

When we asked why she participated in the Mobile Gaming Championship, Aryana said it wasn’t about the prizes—she just wanted to prove she was the best. Spoken like a champ.

Congratulations again to Aryana and stay tuned for our next Mobile Gaming Championship in the spring!

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