Kiip’s Moments: New Kids on the Block

The sun filtered through the skylights, streaming golden rays across barren desks. It was the first day at our new office, and as our team wandered through the heavy door, carrying the last of our office supplies, a feeling of peace settled over the empty room.


We moved from a 1200-square foot room on Brannan Street to a 5400-square foot revamped auto repair shop on Folsom, where we chose every detail from the artwork to the cherry-red moped making up the funky decor. Of course, we didn’t hire movers because we had convinced ourselves there wasn’t enough stuff, but the laborious work of loading up our lives into compact cars made the satisfaction that much stronger when we finally stopped to admire our new space.

“The office became a symbol of our exploration into new frontiers.

With pizza and beer in hand, we ate and giggled over the echoey room, lack of utensils and newness of it all. It felt like spending the first night in a new house, where the creaky floors and whirling air conditioning catch you off guard. Yet despite the unfamiliarity, it somehow felt like home.

The office became a symbol of our exploration into new frontiers, a place where we would close triumphant deals and throw epic parties the police would threaten to shut down. Our “Wall of Fame” still stands brightly on the back of the first floor, showcasing autographs from MC Hammer, Damon Wayans, and about 80 other tech and entertainment celebrities. It offers a trip down memory lane and reminds us just how far we’ve come.

Over time, our office has evolved into one of Silicon Valley’s coolest work spots. There’s motorcycle parking in front, dogs running loose, a red telephone box imported from London and terrariums sprinkling the staircase. As the decorations have grown, more explorers join our ranks, making our office’s busiest days bustle with friendly chatter and passionate ideas. Everyone here always seems so genuinely excited for work.

Our office — and it’s beautifully brilliant employees — have taught us that it’s the happy moments that matter. It’s why we embody our motto and try to pass on as many moments as we can to users.

Welcome to Kiip.


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  • Susie Jerez

    I used to drive by your office every day on my way to work and having been a huge fan of Brian’s talk with Kevin Rose for years, I always smiled at being so close to your office and thinking one day I’d be ready to apply. Stay tuned for my application soon 😉