Own The Moment: Bluesmart Suitcases

Own The Moment is a celebration of innovation. This series will spotlight different companies that we feel is not only unique in their industry, but are also seamlessly taking advantage of today’s technology to own specific moments that mean the most to them. As “the moments company”, we love to see others building moments — big or small — with creative concepts and advanced solutions and we want to hear from them. In this episode of Own the Moment, we got to chat with Ken Li, Head of Marketing, at Bluesmart.


What is Bluesmart?
Bluesmart is an award-winning smart travel company and the creators of the world’s first smart luggage. We launched our inaugural product, the Bluesmart Carry-On on Indiegogo in early 2015, with incredible success. The Bluesmart Carry-On includes high tech features such as remote locking, ability to charge any usb-enabled device and tracking capabilities, so you never lose your suitcase. It packages these capabilities into a sleek and seamless design – perfect for the savvy traveler.

How do you think Bluesmart owns the moment?
Bluesmart owns the moment because we were the first to realize a huge problem in travel and create a first to market solution. With Bluesmart Carry-On we raised more than $2M in pre-orders from more than 10,000 backers in 120 countries worldwide. From this incredible success, we started shipping (and shipped to all our backers on time!) while partnering with premier retailers such as the MoMA Store and Amazon Launchpad. Since then we’ve won the prestigious “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award, Forbes “Most Innovative Product of the Year” and Fast Company’s “Best Travel Gear of the Year”.


How has Bluesmart changed their customers daily behavior for the better?
Say goodbye to luggage being lost and the eternal search for an available outlet to charge your phone while in the airport — Bluesmartmakes travel seamless and efficient without compromising on design.

What other moments would BlueSmart like to conquer in the future, what’s next?
Our mission is to empower travelers, making the world a smarter and more connected place. We are creating the future of connected travel and our vision is to build an iconic global company that will last for decades.

This is not a sponsored post and we are not partnered with Bluesmart Suitcases in any way.

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