Second Guinness World Records™ Record set in Kiip’s Mobile Gaming Championship

Round 2 of the Kiip Mobile Gaming Championship has concluded revealing 17-year-old Michigan high school student Parker Sutton as the winner!

Congratulations to Parker, who beat out all of Lane Splitter’s global participants over the weekend that ended Nov. 3. He has earned a Guinness World Records™ Record for the highest score ever in Lane Splitter: 344,820. For his fierce mobile gaming skills, Parker won a Samsung Note 3 smartphone.

“After I saw what the Guinness World Record score was, I knew I could beat it,” Parker said. “I was trying to get any high score that I could.”

His advice for other Kiip competitors: “Basically, don’t think you’ll be bad at the game forever. Honestly, when I first started playing I was awful. I just kept getting better and better scores. I was obsessed with the game and was playing it a ton. Once I had enough practice I started getting really high scores. Anyone could become a world-record holder if they just put the time into it.”

Parker’s winning round was just one of nearly 54,000 attempts from players around the world, with a combined world score of 143,771,117. It was the most participated-in Kiip Swarm ever!

The Guinness World Records™ record-setting Swarms are part of the world’s first Mobile Gaming Championship. The Mobile Gaming Championship features thousands of players around the globe, four different games and only one champion proving victorious over the world’s best mobile gamers.

Parker advances to Kiip’s final championship competition, to be held in December, to attempt to earn the title of “World’s Best Mobile Gamer.” He will be joined by Round 1 winner, 21-year-old Minnesotan Alayna Felton. Alayna destroyed the competition by posting a score of 32,858 in the game Into the Dead. To read more about her achievement, visit

Players aren’t the only ones posting huge numbers. Developers participating in Kiip’s Mobile Gaming Championship have welcomed healthy engagement increases for their titles.

PikPok, makers of Into the Dead, saw a 27 percent increase in new users. Topping that, PikPok also saw a 34 percent increase in revenue over their previous weekend. These increases were recorded during PikPok’s Mobile Gaming Championship Swarm for Into the Dead.

The third round of the Mobile Gaming Championship wrapped up Nov. 11. The final round will run from Nov. 29 to Dec. 01, with players competing in the game Flick Kick Football Kickoff. Rewards for winning Round 4 include a Moto X smartphone and a Sphero gaming system. Players will also have a chance to set a Guinness World Records™ record.

Kiip urges developers to express their interest in participating in the second Mobile Gaming Championship, taking place next year. Contact to find out how you can have your game in MGC in Spring 2014.

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