10 Back-to-School Apps That Reward Students

Back-to-school season is here! For parents, this means a little more peace of mind at home. For kids, it’s time to head back to campus.

Forcing yourself to study can be hard work, so we came up with a list of apps that will help you power down this fall. The best part: all the apps are Kiip-enabled. If a productivity app can’t motivate you, maybe some serendipitous rewards can.

Check out these Kiip-enabled apps.

Back to School Apps

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1. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner helps students stay on top of their assignments. The app begins with a simple tutorial, showing students how to upload their classes, assignments and upcoming tests. Users can then track their progress by swiping the tasks to cross them off after completion.

As a bonus, students and teachers can create optional accounts to sync up with class information and reminders.

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2. Flashcards+

When you have to memorize a zillion stats for class, Flashcards+ makes things a little simpler. Rather than creating a deck by hand, you can create flashcards online or access relevant decks made by other students. The app keeps track of which cards students master, so unmemorized information can draw focus.

Since everyone learns differently, some by visual and some by audio, Flashcards+ operates in 22 languages to allow students to hear the cards aloud.

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3. Any.Do

Any.Do is a productivity app that’s oh-so-satisfying. To-do lists can be synced across smartphones, Chrome and web to help users stay on top of their activities when they’re at home or on the go. The controls are intuitive: users swipe activities to cross them off and shake their phone to clear completed tasks. Lists can be shared among users (which is great for group projects) and have reminders that let users know when the deadline approaches.

For true procrastinators, who have as much trouble organizing lists as they do completing them, Any.Do eliminates the hassle of typing. The app enables auto-suggests the activity you’re writing and enables a microphone that can recognize almost any language.

Developers: check out more info about Any.Do here.

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4. Notefuly

Notefuly is like an online Post-it system. Users can create, organize and share “sticky” notes  with alarms and photos attached. It’s great when you need an in-your-face, on-your-homescreen reminder to write that paper, study for an exam or even just buy groceries.

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5. The Homework App

The Homework App is a by-the-numbers application that enables students to see tasks on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Users can color code subjects for easy identification and add subtasks to make longer projects a little more manageable – perfect for grads writing their theses. Reminders are available for those who suffer from chronic procrastination.

The app also allows users to contact friends via messages, email and social media for group projects that require communication, or for when you missed a day of class and need to borrow someone’s notes.

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6. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is a flashcard app that allows students to coordinate with their peers and with teachers. It turns flashcards into a game with competitive scoring. There’s a database of flashcards to choose from, or users can create their own with text, equations, images and audio for a customized experience.

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7. Talking Translator

This app supports translations from over 30 major languages. It includes a dictionary that’s accessible offline, transcriptions and the ability to correct both written and verbal sentences. For users who need to hear sentences aloud, the app pronounces words to help users understand accent and emphasis.

Students who really want to get ahead of their language class can take advantage of the app’s word of the day feature, where they can learn fancy new words that will make them teacher’s pet.

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8. Puzzle Alarm Clock

It’s not just studying students need help with; sometimes, it’s getting out of bed. When you have that 8am lecture, nothing’s more tempting than to press snooze. Puzzle Alarm Clock aims to change this by requiring users to complete a puzzle before they’re allowed to turn off the alarm, and thus, get out of bed. The randomized puzzles include math equations, memory cards, captcha and patterns in three difficulty levels.

If you’re the kind of student who can sleep through a hurricane – or maybe you just tried to pull an all-nighter – there are various sound effects for the alarm, including an explosion sound.

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9. Finish

Finish is an application that lets users manage their to-do lists. The app is helpful when it comes to multitasking; it sends notifications to prioritize tasks due soon, while keeping a schedule of everything in the queue.

In what Finish calls its “secret weapon,” users can set a “Bother Me” switch on to remind users every hour to finish a specific task. It’s like a snooze feature for that last-minute paper.

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10. Chegg Flashcards

Chegg is best known in the textbook industry, but its flashcard app proves just as useful for pupils. Students can create their own or peruse decks on most subjects, from accounting to history. Users can add images to cards, which is ideal for diagrams and hard to remember equations. For those with a competitive streak, Chegg Flashcards allows users to time their speed and keep score to hone in on weak areas.

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