11 Apps Worth Your Attention

We try hundreds of apps at Kiip every month. Here’s 11 of them that left lasting impressions. Want to suggest an app for Kiip to try? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.


The developer that brought you Dots, brings forth double the dots. TwoDots is built upon the same mechanics as the addictive Dots but makes the experience more adventurous. Right now, this means 85 levels to complete.

Two Dots Screen

“I’ll play any game with giant evil Yeti’s” – Jake Schulte@jakeaschulte

“Just as addicting as it’s predecessor with more finish.” – Kevin Fishner@KFishner

TwoDots -> (iOSRequest Android Version)


Notifyr is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that,” ideas. If you’re at a computer all day, Notifyr can send all your phone’s notifications to your desktop. So your phone can stay in your pocket until you really need it.

Notifyr App

“Notifyr’s a great app that uses bluetooth to send your iPhone notifications to your Mac. Warning: First World Problem. It removes the incredibly annoying issue of taking your phone out of your pocket to find out why it’s vibrating.” – Kunaal Arya, @kunaalarya

Notifyer -> (iOS, no Android)


If you cannot afford a personal buying assistant, Fetch wants to be there. Even if you don’t really need a personal buying assistant you can still use Fetch. Take a picture of a product and Fetch will find it for you, ready to purchase directly in app.

Fetch App

“I wanted a new suitcase like one I saw on Instagram, so I sent the picture to Fetch. They went and found me the same suitcase on Instagram with a link to buy it” – Kunaal Arya, @kunaalarya

Fetch -> (iOSAndroid)


Ok, this one is silly. Take a picture of a friend and make it rain dollar bills on that person. Link your Venmo account and send bills directly from your checking account.

Stacks App

“A fun way to pay friends.” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

Stacks -> (iOS, no Android)


Breeze wants to help guide your answer every time a “Walk or Drive” moment presents itself. At it’s most basic, Breeze is a pedometer. But with goal-tracking and a beautiful UI, you can start getting more out of your day by walking with Breeze.

Breeze App

“A well-designed pedometer app that I actually use. Plus it assigns you a spirit animal. I’m a disciplined fox.” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

Breeze -> (iPhone 5s only)


Acompli has its own take on improving mobile email. It syncs deeply with your calendar, attachments and files to enables sending emails quick. Acompli also claims to help make searching your inbox a fast, fluid task. So far, the people agree with over 600 reviews with a 4.5 star rating.

Acompli App

“The best part is attachments – it will give you a page of all your email attachments so you can find and send them easily.” – Kunaal Arya, @kunaalarya

Acompli -> (iOS, Android in-development)


This one has been out for some time. It stores all of your photos and organizes them on a timeline. It also makes sharing easy, offering an alternative to something like iOS’s photo stream. If you’re already a Dropbox person, this makes sense.

Carousel App

“Makes it easy to dig up old photos and reminisce.” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

Carousel -> (iOSAndroid)


This is a sales person’s dream. Start an account with Refresh, connect all your social networks and let Refresh provide insights on people for an upcoming meeting. Or email. Or phone call.

Refresh Screen

“It’s like having a personal assistant that knows everything about the person you’re going to meet with.” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

Refresh -> (iOS, Android waitlist)

Chef’s Feed

What if you could keep 1000 chefs in your pocket? That sounds weird, but with Chef’s Feed you can find out what you favorite restaurant’s chef likes to eat. People who take pictures of food (everybody) should be delighted to try this app.

Chefs Feed App

“I particularly enjoyed the quality of the content produced about specific San Francisco chefs.” – Michael Sprague, @michaelsprague

Chef’s Feed -> (iOSAndroid)

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo’s recent slew of mobile apps have been nothing but quality. News Digest aims to keep you informed on the world’s state of affairs presenting you with only the most important info. People seem to really like it, with over 3000 reviews averaging a 4.5 star rating.

Yahoo Digest App

“Yahoo did a lot of things right with digest. The content is simple, easy to scan and full of relevant content. The UX is nice too.” – Michael Sprague, @michaelsprague

Yahoo News Digest -> (iOSAndroid)


For many, fantasy sports is an all-year thing. Swoopt provides daily contests for you to flex your fantasy muscles (Swoopt has no way to tell if you have real-life muscles) and make some cash when your picks win.

Swoopt App

“It’s really easy to join as many contests as you can handle. A no frills, straight-forward user experience.” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

“Does a great job of bringing the competitive nature of fantasy sports to mobile.” – Ryan Lessard, @ryanlessard

Swoopt -> (iOSAndroid)

That’s all for now. New apps hit the marketplace daily, let us know apps Kiip should try in the comments or on Twitter.

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