12 Apps Worthy of Your Time

We try hundreds of apps at Kiip every month. Here’s 12 of them that left lasting impressions. Want to suggest an app for Kiip to try? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

Spark Camera

Spark has been on the app store for some time, but constantly reinvents itself with new features. Capture video, add filters, include music from your library and share with everyone.

Spark Cam Screen

“This is one of my favorite apps – it’s super slick. You can take out the sound, add music and make your own mini-music videos. It has live filters, too.” – Kunaal Arya, @kunaalarya

Spark Camera -> iOS

Move Loot

Craiglist is fine but Move Loot is better. Move Loot makes buying used furniture easier and provides much better images than you might find on CL. Currently, Move Loot is only available in San Francisco.

Move Loot Screen

“Move Loot is awesome for finding furniture. They buy, clean and deliver furniture from other people, so that you’re getting much better quality than Craigslist.” – Kunaal Arya, @kunaalarya

Move Loot -> iOS


Command your own starship in the cell-shaded space game. The combat is where Plundernauts shines, while customizing an epic cruiser ship gives the game great longevity.

Plundernauts Screen

PlunderNauts -> iOS

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight began on Facebook and has made the transition to mobile well. Take one part 2D fighter, one part action RPG and you have Shadow Fight 2.

Shadow Fight 2 screen

“One game’s got space pirates [PlunderNauts], and the other’s got fighting shadows…my money’s on space pirates if they ever duked it out.” – Jake Schulte@jakeaschulte

Shadow Fight 2 -> iOS, Android


Heralded as Facebook’s answer to Snapchat, Slingshot enables people to send self-destructing images and videos. There’s one catch: In order to see messages in your inbox, you must reciprocate with a response.

Slingshot Screen

“Woo! More selfies! I like it because you have to take a photo to see a photo from your friend.” – Kunaal Arya, @kunaalarya

Slingshot -> iOS, Android

Smule Sing!

A karaoke social network does exist! Smule Sing! captures performances and posts them for the whole world to listen, favorite or comment on from web or Smule app. Best of all, you can perform duets with users across the world.

Smule Sing Screen

“I’ve always loved Karaoke and singing, so when I found I could do it anytime I wanted on an app, I was instantly hooked.” – Shawn Azman, @shawnazman

Smule Sing! iOS, Android


Facetune adds some crazy photo-editing capabilities to every portrait you take. The goal? Enable anybody to create magazine-quality photos of themselves.

Facetune Screen

“This is a really complex photo-retouching app. It’s super powerful, but it has a high learning curve.”  – Brittany Forks, @brittanyforks

Facetune ->  iOS

Makeup Genius

There are some great apps available for makeup users. Makeup Genius uses your phone’s front-facing camera, enabling you to actively apply makeup to your face and see what it looks like in real time.

Makeup Genius Screen

“The face detection in this is incredible! The makeup stays on even when i move my face around or talk.” – Brittany Forks, @brittanyforks

Makeup Genius -> iOS


Take selfies without the need to hold the camera. Instead, use CamMe. CamMe enables hand gestures to let your phone know when to snap a photo.

CamMe Screen

“I selfie, you selfie, we all selfie. This app makes it easy by offering gesture controls to take photos from a distance. Look Ma, no timer!” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

CamMe -> iOS


Instagram and eBay collide to form Depop. Buy and sell items right from your phone using an Instagram-style feed to view or display items.

Depop Screen

“You wanna sell those Nike’s you only wore once?  Just take a pic of the item, name your price and upload to your own mobile store. Selling your stuff is easy.” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

Depop -> iOS, Android


Got something on your mind, but don’t want people to know you ever thought it? Share thoughts anonymously with Secret and allow other Secret users to anonymously comment or like your thoughts.

Secret Screen

“It allows you to speak your mind and share your feelings freely with your friends. Oh, and it’s all anonymous.” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

Secret -> iOS, Android


Cover makes meals less about, “when are we getting the check?” and more about enjoying your meal. Restaurants using Cover allow patrons to pay directly from their smartphones.

Cover Screen

“I hate to flag down waiters when I am ready to checkout. This app allows you to pay at restaurants without waiting for the check and even lets you split the bill. #goodtimes” – Armando Osuna, @AO619

Cover -> iOS, Android

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