How to get a handle on life with these 3 iOS apps

Every app needs to serve a purpose. Send a message, check a score, save an idea. Dozens of apps can perform these functions. But some just do it better.

With that in mind, here are three beautiful apps that make life better. 

1. Fresh Air

Weather Cal: App Store | Website

When it comes to weather apps, the one I’m using better tell me what I need to know quickly. And it better have a widget. Fresh Air performs both these functions while boasting stunning, easy-to-read visuals.

Weather Cal Screens

For instance, Fresh Air displays a seven-day scroll-able weather graph. Pinpointing a specific time to check the weather only takes one touch. It’s a wonder why other include this intuitive functionality. ::Cough, cough, Yahoo! Weather!::

The second stand-apart feature is its calendar plug-in. If I run most mornings at 6am, I can set a calendar event at that time. Doing so adds that time’s weather to the Fresh Air widget for a quick lookup or convenient push notification. I’ve added notifications for my mornings, including commute and afternoon commute, so I know exactly what to expect.

2. Handle

Handle: App Store | Website

In the last few years, the world figured out that email was hard. We get a lot of it, much of it useless, and we need to figure out how to pull the useful stuff from the rubbish.

Handle Screenshots

Handle plugs into your Gmail to help make your inbox actionable. Once connected, handle each inbound using swipes to either archive, set a reminder or add to a task list. This stuff has been done before – Google’s Inbox, Mailbox, Acompli – but it’s about what works best for you.

If you’re still looking for the end-all be-all inbox tool, Handle can help. It’s a simple interface, can backup to Dropbox and has a Chrome plugin for desktop use. It’s pretty new, so expect new platform functionalities as soon as they can build them.

3. LEGO Movie Videogame

LEGO Movie Videogame: App Store

For those who don’t want to worry about weather or email, pick up the LEGO Movie game. Consisting of digestible one or two-minute levels with movie clips stitching everything together, the Lego Movie game is a great escape from a real world filled with deadlines and task lists.

Lego Movie Videogame Screen

If nothing else, playing will net you that constant reminder that everything is awesome. How? By playing the original song, “Everything is Awesome,” after every level. Never gets annoying.

What about you?

Have thoughts on these apps or want to suggest an app? Be my guest in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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