5 Marketing Channels App Developers Can Use to Reach Users

So you’ve created the perfect app and now all that’s left to do is acquire users. App marketing can be confusing and sometimes difficult, we get it. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of 5 marketing channels you can use to start boosting your user base.


1. App Store Optimization 
Set yourself up for success by making your app easily searchable in the app store. When trying new apps, users tend to stay with the ones displayed at the top of recommended lists. Check out our previous article on ASO for a step by step guide.

2. Search Marketing

Search Marketing tools like Google Adwords are a good place to start for developers looking to drive installs. Adwords allows developers to focus on a target audience of their choice by customizing keywords and ads, based on their App ID and other information. One major perk for most developers is that Adwords provides a simple, easy-to-use platform for tracking installs.  If you’ve never used Google Adwords before, take some time to do some research on which campaign style is best for your app to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.


3. Social Media

Social media platforms are a great place to get potential users’ attention. Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for both organic and paid marketing efforts. Social media is a great place to facilitate two-way communication between you and your users. For organic marketing and user engagement you can use social media as a way to distribute content and news about your app, as well as get feedback from your users. Apps that use Kiip to reward users for desired behavior have seen incredibly positive responses and overall improvement in both user retention and acquisition. The great thing about is social media is that Facebook (and Instagram), Twitter and Pinterest all allow you to create mobile-specific paid promotions. All known to have extremely high ROI for driving installs. 


4. Celebrity Features and Endorsements

Endorsements from the likes of Jay Z and Julia Roberts can be a great channel for marketing your app, though this could also be incredibly expensive. If you have the budget to indulge in this type of strategy, go for it! If you don’t have that type of money to spend, there are much less expensive options. There are always a steadily growing number of YouTube, Instagram and other social influencers that have audiences in the hundreds of thousands. You can seek them out and reach out to them directly or find an agency that can help you facilitate this kind of arrangement.


5. “App of the Day” Features

Getting featured on a prominent “App of the Day” site or blog is a great way to effortlessly skyrocket your app success. The best part about being featured on one if these established sites like App of the Day – 100% Free and App-o-Day, is that users already trust these sources to deliver the best apps. Being affiliated with a publication like this will increase your chances of developing a solid base of users with high lifetime value.


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