9 Apps to Kiip Up with the World Cup

Spain vs. Netherlands at the World Cup
Source: Facebook FIFA World Cup

If you’re anything like us, you’ve caught World Cup fever. Predictably, you’ll spend the next month taking long lunches at the nearest sports bar and sneaking out for “score breaks” with the smokers. But for the moments you have to sit at your desk, we’ve brought you nine ways to Kiip up with every goal, from stats to streaming to a handy calendar tool. Why? Because your happy moments are our happy moments.

The best part: All the apps listed are compatible with both iOS and Android — and some with Windows phones as well.

1. FIFA Official App

As the official World Cup app, FIFA offers users an exhaustive look at everything related to the year’s biggest sporting event. Featured info includes background stats for each country, team profiles, breaking news, match alerts and gossip.

FIFA Official App -> (iOSAndroid)

2. BBC Sport

BBC Sport is a great app for any sports fan, but its WC coverage can hardly be beat. In addition to the must-know basics, the app has custom alerts, live text commentary, clips and tons of WC news to satisfy every team obsession.

BBC Sport -> (iOSAndroid)

3. World Soccer Finals

World Soccer Finals provides WC enthusiasts with the essentials, plus stadium and city info, lineups, match statistics and details on who’s been carded. An in-app purchase ($0.99) allows users to add anticipated matches to their calendars.

World Soccer Finals -> (iOS, Android)

4. Onefootball Brasil

Onefootball Brasil has everything needed to geek out this month. The app collects teams’ social media posts, viral articles, live commentary, videos of press conferences and even a personalized planner so users never miss a play.

Onefootball Brasil -> (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

5. SofaScore

SofaScore is a Windows-enabled app that puts viewers right in the action. Follow favorited teams through triumphs and defeats with data on the top scorers, matches, videos, groups and tables.

SofaScore -> (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

6. ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup

ESPN offers one of the most comprehensive guides to the World Cup — which is no surprise given its reputation in sports. ESPN FC gives viewers a tailored experience to keep up with their favorite team, as well as in-depth commentary and analysis. To complement FC, the app WatchESPN provides constant streaming feeds, video clips and highlight reels for users with cable subscriptions that offer ESPN.

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup -> (iOS, Android)
WatchESPN -> (iOS, Android)

7. Univision Deportes

For another way to stream the game, stay up-to-date with Univision Deportes. Univision splurged on WC broadcasting rights and is giving users free access to the first two rounds, replete with highlights, rewinds and interviews — though the content is in Spanish.

Univision Deportes -> (iOS, Android)

8. XFinity TV Go

The bad news: to use XFinity TV Go, users must have a Comcast account. The good news: the lucky subscribers can stream every game on their smartphones. Just plug in a pair of headphones and no one at work will be the wiser.

XFinity TV GO -> (iOS, Android)

9. Calendar sync

A genius on Reddit created a WC schedule that syncs to online calendars, so viewers can see if their 2:30 meeting with HR conflicts with the USA – Germany game. Just visit this link, copy the appropriate URL and add it to your calendar for a time zone-specific agenda.

Bonus for our friends up North and across the pond: Viewers in Canada can use CBC to stream all the games for free (regardless of current cable subscription). Those in the UK can catch all the action on BBC’s iPlayer app.

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