11 Mobile Apps to Help You Survive Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: time for food, family and maybe a little bit of feuding. The beginning of the holiday season can be both exciting and stressful. Take a load off with these 11 apps, which will help you plan and enjoy a restful day, whether you’re the host or the one traveling cross-country.

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1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

The newest app on our network is also the world’s largest social community for home cooks. With a billion visits per year, it’s no wonder that users trust Allrecipes to discover new recipes and organize shopping lists in a cinch.

The app features mouthwatering recipes available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, sure to sate any foodie Thanksgiving day. The best part: you can earn rewards from brands you love, like Jennie-O Turkey, to make cooking on the big day a breeze.



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2. Food.com

We couldn’t limit our love of recipe apps to just one – and really, you shouldn’t limit your love of food around the holidays, anyway. Our other company favorite is Food.com.

The app lets users scour half a million recipes and grocery deals from their phones to effortlessly whip up inexpensive meals. And with the advent of Thanksgiving, it’s a great resource to plan a meal the whole family will love.


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3. SnipSnap

Entertaining your family during the holidays can get pretty pricey. There’s the turkey, wine, traveling expenses and so on. SnipSnap keeps costs down, no matter how many mouths you’re feeding.

Rather than stuffing hand-cut coupons inside a wallet, consumers can take photos of printed coupons – or find them online – and digitally store them in SnipSnap for later use. The app notifies users when they’re in a store where a coupon is applicable. To redeem, users just show their phone to the cashier.

Voilà. Money Saved.


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4. Hello Vino

A little wine can make Thanksgiving go down a whole lot easier. Use Hello Vino to match your favorite pinot to dinner. Whether you’re cooking up a storm the traditional way, deep-frying the turkey or crafting a few eclectic side dishes, Hello Vino is the personal wine assistant that selects the perfect bottle for your meal.

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5. Any.Do

If you keep up with our blog, you know that we love Any.Do. This popular productivity app enables users to organize and complete pressing tasks. Utilize it this Thanksgiving to assemble your packing list, sort out your grocery shopping and keep tabs on your holiday to-dos.


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6. RunKeeper

Even if you normally hate exercising, a quick jog is more appealing the day after guzzling a few thousand calories’ worth of carbs. RunKeeper keeps you motivated during your run, mapping your progress and announcing your mileage along the way. Hardcore marathoners can integrate their other workouts, like indoor cardio and yoga, to keep track of all their fitness goals in one place.


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7. MiFlight

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. Between last-minute packing, airport traffic and inevitably forgetting something important (passport, jackets, shoes – yep, I’ve done that one), the anxiety can start before you even reach the terminal.

Luckily, MiFlight is a hack that makes travelling a little easier. The iOS app gives real-time data on security lines, so you know how much time you need to make it to your gate before takeoff.


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8. Team Stream

Football junkies need to keep up with the game, even if it interrupts family time. For those who are forced to suffer the day with the TV off, Bleacher Report’s Team Stream gives you breaking game updates from local news sources, blogs and even Twitter. Lightning fast reports mean you won’t miss a play.

For more mobile football, check out our recap of the best fantasy apps.


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9. TGI Black Friday

If you’re a fan of early morning discounts, TGI Black Friday helps you navigate them all. Search and compare 10,000 deals to locate the cheapest items of the season.

If you’d rather browse online, the app helps you discover sales throughout the weekend. Shop directly from Black Friday online ads and get the scoop on Cyber Monday’s deals.

tgi black friday

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10. Family Feud 2

When your family is feuding, you might as well play … Family Feud.

Too much time with family in enclosed spaces isn’t always a good thing. Embrace it this holiday by challenging your relatives to some friendly competition. Based off of the popular TV show, the game sets you up in quick matches or tournaments with up to eight players.

family feud

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11. Kidblock

The holidays can be stressful enough with travelling and cooking; avoid child drama on top of the rest. Kidblock will keep your little ones absorbed for hours and avoid boredom-induced tantrums. Build and explore a new world that you control from your pocket.


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