Breathometer & Kiip Put Rewards in a Smart Breathalyzer

Kiip and Breathometer are partnering to reward responsible decision making when drinking.

The partnership places rewards inside the Breathometer App, supporting the Original Breathometer and Breathometer Breeze, the world’s first wireless and portable breath analysis platform. When drinkers blow a BAC result over .04, halfway to the legal limit, the app offers “Get Home Safe” and “Stay Nearby” features. Ongoing use of the Breathometer products to confirm your current alcohol levels will trigger spontaneous rewards from “get home safe” options like HotelTonight, as well as other health- and wellness-focused brands.

Breathometer & Kiip partner to reward responsible drinking

Breathometer’s technology enables users to monitor their alcohol consumption. This helps casual drinkers to make educated choices regarding their subsequent actions, as well as their overall wellness. Since releasing Breeze six months ago, users have conducted over 1.3MM tests, showcasing the app’s rising popularity.

“We look forward to celebrating consumers’ smart choices.

Kiip’s reward platform serendipitously delivers the relevant rewards during moments when users are most engaged. This initiative is the first instance where relevant sponsored content inside Breathometer products will be selectively provided to customers. But Kiip’s rewards don’t just serve as ads. They’re a step towards ensuring community safety and encouraging sensible decisions. By locating repeated app uses, Kiip and Breathometer provide features that help users lead healthier and safer lives.

“We look forward to celebrating consumers’ smart choices,” said Breathometer CEO Charles Michael Yim. “By harnessing the power of Kiip’s reward network within our Breathometer app, we can deliver relevant offers at the right moments. This allows us to engage with other brands that complement the objectives of our Breathometer products.”

Kiip CEO Brian Wong elaborated. “Together, our companies can address real-time consumer needs, demonstrating how marketers should approach advertising in connected devices. We’re excited that this execution will help shape the future of advertising in a way that promotes well-being.”

Kiip launched in 2010 as a mobile platform and began looking towards the Internet of Things last year. Its recent partnership with Mojio enabled Kiip to deliver rewards during everyday driving moments in cars. Kiip’s ties with Breathometer is its next move in the exploration of rewards inside connected devices.

Rewards lead to higher engagement among users and better monetization for developers. 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer mobile rewards vs. ads, and over 3,000 games and apps already use Kiip to monetize. Learn more about Kiip at

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