Build Fund Winners Announced

We have been absolutely humbled by the responses we have received from independent developers, service companies, and mentors who have volunteered to participate.

When we launched our Build Fund, our goal was not only to support independent developers, but also be part of a larger initiative to jumpstart the creative process. We hope that we were able to inspire the community to developing innovative apps that may change the status quo some day.

With over 250 applicants, the Build Fund wouldn’t have been the same without the tremendous amount of positive support from the independent development community. So from all of us, thank you.

With that said, we’re excited to announce the winners of our inaugural Build Fund!

Massive Finger

Pinball Maniacs

Montreal, Canada

An original mix of Pinball and Breakout, Pinball Maniacs is a pinball-inspired adventure game.

Tiny Hearts


Toronto, Canada

InstaMatch is a clever twist on the traditional card matching game. Using the popular iPhone Instagram app, your goal is to match two similar photos of the same kind.

Mutant Games


Palma de Mallorca, Spain

JetBee is a casual arcade game, where players take control of a bee by tilting the device.



New York, NY

Pictorious is a photo-sharing app with a twist – users can create competitions and challenge friends to take awesome photos.

Fufu Labs


Davao City, Philippines

Tinygram lets anyone create 8×8 tile art, with limited color tiles, which they replenish by gifting their artwork to friends, creating a viral loop.



Redmond, WA

Discoverful is a social travel discovery app. Using geo-tagged and community-rated photos with comments, users can decide on their next travel destinations through browsing photos uploaded by the community.


Lost Nations

Palo Alto, CA

Lost Nations is a fantasy-based MMORPG, where two warring factions are destined to fight for dominance in a post-apocalyptic world.



New York, NY

Khanoodle is a part game, part date night planner, and part relationship tool to build intimacy between couples. Couples can earn “kudos” for showing their partner love to get inspired to try new experiences.



Arad, Romania

Asteroids are falling and your hero is a pterodactyl whose mission is dodge objects, survive volcano eruptions, and fly over fields of magma to safety.

Zeenoh Games

Balloon Getaway

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Balloon Getaway is a flying game, where an aviator named Jetro must flee from the bandits who intend to keep him captive.


Iron Jack

La Caruna, Spain

Iron Jack is a space pilot who is in charge of harvesting and delivering valuable fuel from outer space to the world. Wearing only his emergency jetpack and space suit, Jack flies around the arena, collecting dispersed valuables over unfriendly territory.



Hennigsdorf, Germany

Inspired by Super Meat Boy, CheeseMan is an action platformer game where the player must guide Cheeseman through blades, spikes, and cannon balls to defeat the evil Professor Mousky.

Boiled Goose

Merlin’s Marble

Minneapolis, MN

Merlin’s Marble is a visually appealing medieval marble roller game featuring 18 levels of ledges, bridges, twists, turns, moving platforms, and elevators.


Mahjong Deluxe

Mazatlan, Mexico

Mahjong Deluxe is based on a classic Chinese game where your goal is to eliminate all the tiles from the board.



Glendale, CA

MonPon is a freemium social game that allows users to grow, nurture, and battle their unique monsters. Players can earn virtual currency for buying different armory, tonics, and potions for their monsters.



Paris, France

ARDefender is an augmented reality game where your goal is to defend your tower on your desk from nasty opponents. The game uses your phone’s camera to imprint an imaginary “tower” on your desk.

Lab 927

Toy Adventures

Natick, MA

Toy Adventures is a 2D endless runner type game, where a toy is trying to escape a toy store.

Zone 5 Interactive

Tiny Nova

Rego Park, NY

Tiny Nova is a face-paced, arcade type game in which the player’s goal is to combine nova seeds,
make as many tiny explosions (novas) as you can before the screen is full of nova seeds.

Floppy Entertainment

Lil Sherman

Orange Park, FL

In Lil Sherman, the player controls a WWII tank that must protect its Command Center and the incoming Convoy of Supplies. It’s a twist on the classic tower defense type game.

Sealman Studio


Budapest, Hungary

VelociBoard is an endless runner mobile game, in which the player takes the role of a velociraptor named El Mariachi who plays a guitar while riding on his skateboard.

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