Developers: Gift Your Users Premium Rewards At No Cost To You

We want to partner with new developers to offer your app users top-notch, Premium Rewards. You just have to join the Kiip network (of 3000+ developers) by March 31st and let us know what Premium Reward you want your users to receive. (If you’re not sure exactly what your users would enjoy as a Premium Reward, our Business Development team would be happy to brainstorm with you!)premium-rewards-01

Here at Kiip, we are true believers in rewarding experience and owning the moment by offering the most relevant reward to users, at the right place and the right time. We wanted to take this belief to the next level by offering high-end, quality rewards (of your choice) to new developers joining the Kiip tribe.

In December, we ran a holiday campaign with three of our top developers to measure user response to our Premium Rewards program. We saw a tremendous increase in both engagement and redemption rates (as high as 40%). This is why we are offering this amazing promotion to offer new developers the same opportunity — at no cost to you.

Go live with the Kiip SDK in your app by the end of Q1 and we’ll launch your Premium Rewards campaign in Q2!

On board to have your users receive free Premium Rewards? Read the details below.

Holiday Giveaway Infographic

Let’s Do It:

  1. Email and tell us that you’re interested in Premium Rewards.
  2. Sign up with us as a new developer.
  3. Integrate the latest version of the Kiip SDK.
  4. Go live with the integration by March 31st, 2016.
  5. Stay live through at least June 30th, 2016 so that we can run your campaign.
  6. Enjoy enhanced user experience and, of course, the money.

The Fine Print:

  1. You must be a new publisher to Kiip.
  2. You need to sign-up and agree to the standard terms and conditions on the Kiip website.
  3. You have to integrate with an app that has never been published through Kiip before.
  4. You must have at least 25,000 daily active users of your application.
  5. You have to provide us with at least one moment per daily active user.
  6. You need to be live with our SDK by March 31st, 2016. Don’t worry, integration is easy!

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