E3’s New Wave of Mobile Gaming

For the uninitiated, E3 is an annual computer, video and mobile game conference that features the biggest players in the industry. This year, we were happy to send Jake and Kunaal, two members from Kiip’s Business Development team who work closely with our gaming partners, to LA for the event. After three days of playing unreleased games and rubbing shoulders with the best and brightest, they reported back with their views on where mobile gaming is heading.

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What was E3 like this year?

Kunaal: It’s a massive console conference. The three main players are Sony with Playstation, Microsoft with Xbox and Nintendo with their Wii. All the big gaming companies launch their flagship games of the year at E3 and show them off with massive, multi-million dollar displays.

Jake: Last year at E3, everyone came out with a console, so it was a very big deal. This year, they announced upcoming games for each of the consoles. It’s been a slow transition to move everyone onto the new consoles, while keeping people who have the older models happy. Companies are in a middle ground, where they’re trying to make games for newer devices like the Xbox One that can also be played on the Xbox 360.

“There was a stronger mobile presence this year.

What were some emerging trends?

Kunaal: E3 is typically console-focused, but there was a stronger mobile presence this year. There were a lot of key mobile game developers, and we were fortunate enough to talk to them about what we’re doing at Kiip. The conference this year had one of the most varied turnouts in terms of people and quality.

Jake: That’s definitely the main thing. It was really good to see just how many mobile players were there. It says great things about our industry and shows that there’s going to be more cross-platform stuff that will happen in the future, especially with mobile and console.

What kind of cross-platform apps did you see?

Jake: This is a trend that began last year and picked up speed at this year’s event. Ubisoft started it with a third party app on mobile devices for Assassin’s Creed. On the smartphone app, you can access the game remotely to mess around with your character or whatever you want to do. Changes sync automatically to your console, so the game is updated when you go home to play.

This year, we saw the same idea again with [Ubisoft’s] Just Dance 2015. Users have multiple touch points, so they can choose songs on their smartphone to add to the console. In general, there’s a wave of companies heading in the cross-platform direction, which in turn is bringing more mobile developers to the conference. It speaks to mobile and console coming together.

Kunaal: The console guys were amped on Metal, iOS 8’s new game engine that brings console-quality games to your iPhone and iPad. A lot of developers were excited about it and looking forward to gaming updates from Apple TV — assuming that an Apple TV with gaming is coming eventually.

Jake: I’m sure it will because Amazon just came out with that with their Fire TV.

What would you consider your biggest successes there?

Jake: We were constantly talking to people all day long. We’d have a little break after a meeting and then someone would come up and talk to us, and the cycle would continue. With almost any conversation we had, people were interested in what we were doing. Kiip is a new platform with a different perspective on advertising. People were really excited to meet us.

Last question: What new games did you see at E3 that you’re excited to buy and play?

Jake: There were a few good ones coming out from Nintendo, like Zelda and Super Smash Bros. They have the classic titles that I played when I was a kid revamped for the next generation on the Wii U console. For iOS, World of Tanks Blitz is expected to be awesome.

Kunaal: There were also two virtual reality devices: Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. You put on a headset and there’s a screen in front of your face, so you’re submerged in this virtual world. They both look super cool. In terms of mobile, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus has incredible graphics. I’d buy that.

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