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  • UserOnboard

    Nice article, Yishan, and thank you very much for the UserOnboard mention!

  • Kasia Krn

    Thanks for a great post, loads of insights! There’s a post on our blog that refers to user onboarding. Check it out and share if you like:

  • Good to see a discussion around mobile app onboarding – it needs a lot more thought and discussion given the problem that mobile engagement and retention is.

    That said, I came across Do Button by IFTTT recently and loved its onboarding. Detailed explanation of use case (yet short and quirky), gets me to do stuff to learn how to use the app (as opposed to just reading) and just great fun and interaction on the whole. Loved it so much that I did a complete teardown of their onboarding – (inspired heavily by UserOnboard)

  • Artem Kovaslkyi

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