Hello, Kiip V2

We just made some huge changes to how Kiip works, inside and out. Have no fear – existing applications likely will have hardly noticed and will not be affected, save for a few less rewards over the last 24 hours.

Please check out the improvements and upgrade when you can – we really think it makes Kiip that much better.

Transitioning to Kiip’s New API

With the release of updated SDK’s, an API and documentation, many things are changing in how you utilize the Kiip platform.

Goodbye Achievements and Leaderboards

Kiip is introducing a completely new system for recording the moments of achievement in your application. Simply, “Moments”.

For existing applications, all existing achievements and leaderboards have been migrated to Moments. This should not effect your application in any way.

You’ll notice if you log-in to app.kiip.me that there is a tab named “Moments”. This shows you what moments have been sent to your application.

Creating New Moments

No more adding achievements and leaderboards manually – just simply save a moment and we’ll automatically show it to you on the dashboard.

Using our new SDK’s, it’s as simple as:

[[Kiip sharedInstance] saveMoment:@"Hello World" withCompletionHandler:nil];

You can download the SDK and follow a guide over at docs.kiip.me, our new documentation center.

A New Look

Saving a moment does what you expect Kiip to do – if a user deserves a reward, they see this:

Kiip Rewards

We completely redesigned the look and feel of Kiip, while putting a large effort into optimizing for performance. It will feel faster than ever.

Note: You’ll see these changes without upgrading, but you should still upgrade.

The Transition Plan

We’ll be releasing a deprecation schedule within the next few weeks, but we urge you to move over to the new API and SDK as soon as possible. If you have feedback, as always, please email us at support@kiip.me and Nick or Jack will help you out.

Learning More, What to do Next

If you’re curious about the new system, take a browse through the glossary, a comprehensive list of all the new terms and how to use them.

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