How to Monetize Your Site with Kiip’s Web SDK

One of the newest Kiip products for developers is our Web SDK. It enables devs to take the same engaging rewards they deliver on mobile apps and apply them to their web-based properties.

This versatile SDK benefits publishers, games, e-commerce sites, mobile-friendly sites building out native apps and so much more. Many of our partners have already expanded and seen smashing success.

Game Show Network (GSN) and Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) are just two developers who recently integrated the Web SDK. Here are their stories.


GSN is known worldwide for titles such as Wheel of Fortune, Bingo Bash and Bejeweled. PCH is famous for its online sweepstakes and casino-style games. Together, these powerhouses wanted to recognize users’ big wins across multiple screens, including their websites.

Their solution

GSN and PCH partnered with Kiip to deliver rewards during “achievement moments” on their sites. When users reach big wins, they earn relevant rewards from brands they know and love.


GSN and PCH both saw incredible engagement rates and eCPMs through Kiip.

GSN and PCH use Kiip's Web SDK to monetize


Top Brands

Kiip partners with top brands to deliver relevant rewards.

Hallmark & KiipKiip & AudibleKiip & Capital One

Monetize like GSN and PCH

Kiip’s Web SDK helps developers across verticals monetize their sites. If you’re interested in integrating the Web SDK, visit and follow directions for obtaining an app_key.

Rewards lead to higher engagement among users and better monetization for developers. 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer mobile rewards vs. ads, and over 3,000 games and apps already use Kiip to monetize. Learn more about Kiip at


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