Introducing Kiip’s Developer Success Guide

At Kiip, we partner with thousands of mobile apps.

They come to us looking for a stronger monetization solution. In return, they receive personalized plans that discern “achievement moments” within their apps. These moments are the perfect time to deliver rewards from beloved brands to users, while boosting revenue. Working with these apps has taught us a thing or two about mobile marketing, and we consider ourselves experts in the field of monetization.

In addition to our learnings from app partnerships, we reflected on our experience building our own app 7×7, an Android mobile strategy game that rocketed to the top of Google Play.

We wanted to give something back to you, our devoted developers. Building apps can be challenging, and there’s not always a go-to guru to answer every question. To help, we’ve built out a comprehensive Developer Success Guide, which fills you in on best practices, expert tips and industry insights. Reference this guide when building your first – or second, or third – app. Hopefully, it makes the process just a little smoother.

If you have any questions along the way, you’re welcome to contact us at We’re around 24/7 to quell any concerns.

Kiip up the great work.


The Developer Success Guide:

  1. Building Your App Foundation
    1. Design & UX/UI
    2. Platforms
    3. Analytics
  2. Marketing Your App
    1. App Store Optimization (ASO)
    2. User Acquisition
    3. User Onboarding
    4. User Retention
    5. Deep Links
    6. Notifications on Wearables
    7. App Localization
  3. Monetizing Your App
    1. Paid vs. Free
    2. Mobile Ad Formats
    3. Rewards
    4. BONUS: Common Monetization Mistakes
    5. BONUS: Monetize with Kiip eCPM
    6. BONUS: Kiip 101 for Developers

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This is part of Kiip’s ongoing Developer Success Guide.

Kiip is a leader in the field of app monetization. We enable developers to reward their users with advertising they enjoy. We want all developers to be successful in their ventures, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with industry observations, best practices and expert advice.  

To learn more about monetizing your app, visit or email us at


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