iOS SDK Update: Elimination of UDID and Reward Caching

We wanted to let you know about some important updates to Version 1.0.17 of the Kiip iOS SDK.

We are replacing UDID’s with the use of a hashed MAC Address, something that still gives us the ability to detect fraud and track anonymous user activity.

This also means that registering a test device with Kiip has changed. Please follow the instructions for obtaining your new test device identifier.

We take user privacy very seriously, and we record unique devices primarily to expose fraudulent abuse of the Kiip Rewards Network, as well as to eliminate duplicated delivery of rewards.

The SDK update also includes caching functionality that will improve the speed at which a user can retrieve their reward. We believe this will increase redemptions of rewards while benefiting the user experience.

We’ve also added the dependency of the libxml2 framework. Be sure to add it to your project.

To read the full changelog and to update your application, download the SDK by logging in.

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