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Four years ago, Brian Wong was stretching his legs on a long flight when he noticed nearly every passenger was playing a game on their phones. He found it odd that users submerged themselves intently into each level, but instantly clicked out when presented with ads. If games’ advertisements enveloped space without adding value, then why not make ads an engaging component of apps? It was then that Brian embarked on a mission to make ads that people, well … liked.


Today, Brian is the CEO of Kiip, a mobile advertising platform that generates 500 million achievement “moments” per month. These moments extend across verticals to reward users when they log a completed workout in a fitness app, check off an item from a to-do list on a productivity app or beat a level in a mobile game. By targeting these moments, Kiip reaches users when they’re 40% more excited than normal gameplay. These aren’t just any moments; they’re monetization opportunities to engage users with what Kiip calls moment-based rewards.

Moment-based rewards connect apps with a network of 350 brands that users trust. These brands are used to leverage relevant rewards. For instance, upon creating a new playlist in a music app, users can receive a free mp3 download in lieu of a traditional commercial. Moment-based rewards do not disrupt in-app action, but enhance the overall user experience. Rewards become a welcome part of apps.

“We want our partners to reap the maximum

benefits of rewards with little effort.

2,500 apps currently benefit from Kiip’s moment-based rewards. To enroll, developers simply add their apps’ moments to Kiip’s monetization algorithm. The algorithm auto-optimizes to discern which moments produce the highest profitability rates, while disabling moments with poor performance. Apps then reach their maximum eCPM and conversion rates. Kiip averages a $14.01 eCPM, compared to traditional advertising’s $1, but several apps produce industry-high rates of up to a $36 eCPM.

new anchor statIt’s vital that integration remains as simple as possible. At Kiip, we want our partners to reap the maximum benefits of rewards with little effort. To accomplish this, we provide guides, SDK documents, a live chat and we’ve even been known to visit developers in-person to answer any questions they may have. As a result, our partners are happy. Some of their thoughts:

  • “Kiip was a seamless fit in to the user flow of our suite of apps at Zen Labs Fitness. Integration was a breeze. The rewards at the end of our workouts are relevant, useful and appreciated by our community.” – Michael Moon, Zen Labs Co-Founder
  • “Integrating Kiip dramatically increases user engagement and retention across all apps.” – Dr. David Broockman, UC Berkeley

And what about users? Do they find find these rewards as engaging as Brian had originally hoped? They’ve said:

  • “I like that Any.Do rewards me for getting things done. It adds [sic] a sense of accomplishment.”
  • “Full-page ads are super annoying. Ads are okay in my book, if they give me rewards, though!”
  • “Having Kiip rewards on your app will make we want to download it more.”

What are you waiting for? It’s your moment, too. Register with Kiip today.

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This is part of Kiip’s ongoing Developer Success Guide.

Kiip is a leader in the field of app monetization. We enable developers to reward their users with advertising they enjoy. We want all developers to be successful in their ventures, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with industry observations, best practices and expert advice.  

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  • I don’t get why mobile ad networks of every kind insist on using eCPM as measure of how great they are when really, it’s pointless. In your case, I imagine that it is impossible for a developer to use Kiip ads with the same volume that they could use banner ads. So of course, your eCPM is better but if you have 20 times less impressions, it won’t be a game changer for the developers revenue…

    • AndrewMac

      Thanks for commenting! Agreed that eCPM is not the most informative measurement. However, it’s often an expected figure to put on display.

      We’re investing in a future that involves less banner ads and more moment-based rewards. Here’s some research we’ve done with IPG Media Lab that launched at Cannes:

      It’s fairly clear that rewards > banner ads, just waiting for the industry to catch up so we can all have a better time doing what we do (advertising, developing, rewarding).