Kiip and Gamesalad Level Up

The cat’s out of the bag! We’re really excited to be partnering with Gamesalad. Today has been a big day. Some of the articles that came out today paint a great picture and really illustrate well what we’re doing with Gamesalad:

Venturebeat – Kiip and GameSalad integrate ad-based rewards directly into game development platform – Mobile rewards ad network Kiip integrates with GameSalad Creator

And a bit more color: When both our companies first met about this, we realized that the fit was completely natural. Gamesalad was working hard to democratize game development and making it accessible to the masses. We were creating a unique model for building a new type of relationship between top-tier consumer brands and the mobile user.

Thus started the brainstorming process. We decided that the best, albeit long-term route would be to figure out a way to integrate the platform directly into the builder, so that anyone on Gamesalad could enable our moments-based model almost immediately.

So today, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be doing just that. Pro users on Gamesalad’s platform will be the first to get access in the next couple weeks. We’re doing a limited release with a few titles that we’re excited to share really soon.

Those of you who were at the Gamesalad, Kiip, IGDA party tonight would have had a chance to play around with the actual build with the Kiip integration in it. Those of you who didn’t come out – I’ve included some screenshot previews below. We’re very excited about this.

We also wanted to thank the Gamesalad teams – especially Mark Chuberka, Jonathan Hunt, Steve Felter, Michael Agustin, and Tiffany Spencer, for helping pull everything together over the past many months.

Onward and upward!

The Kiip Developer Relations Team
Mark, Steve, Jack, and Edison

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