Kiip Delivers Outstanding eCPM Rates to Mobile Developers

Kiip was created to give mobile app developers an alternative revenue solution that doesn’t treat users as if they are invisible. We wanted to build something that adds value for users, engages them with interesting content, and drives incremental revenue.

After just three years, 200 million+ rewards and over 1,500 apps we’re confident that we are building the right solutions.

Games were just a starting point for Kiip. We continue to see explosive growth in our gaming category with our real reward, virtual reward and tournament products. Early last year we expanded Kiip into new app verticals including Fitness, Productivity, Sports and other Lifestyle apps. There’s a massive opportunity to offer our brand partners a network that reaches their demographics during all parts of the day. The growth has been stunning with SDK integrations into the FitStar: Tony Gonzales fitness app, Any.Do productivity app and Yahoo! Japan.

The results are exciting.

Unlike mobile display networks, Kiip delivers revenue per engagement (claiming a reward in-app) and rewards your users, increasing retention. Developers make money on a CPE basis for every reward claimed in their app. It’s a model in which everyone wins. The users earn rewards for using their favorite apps. Developers engage and monetize users in a delightful way. Brands reach users during the most relevant moments.

Certain app genres have shown extremely high engagement with this model. We see the best results when timing and relevance work together. We call these occurrences “moments.” A Powerade reward earned after completing a workout in a fitness app is an example of a moment. Since Kiip’s fitness channel launched, it has generated a $37.5 eCPM and $0.54 CPE across all apps.

Below is real data displaying a Kiip-integrated Fitness app’s performance:

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