Kiip Introduces Premium Rewards and Users Go Wild

Kiip is taking rewards to the next level, AGAIN (we know, it’s hard to kiip up). We are now introducing our Premium Rewards program. Yes, coupons and e-giftcards are great — but with Premium Rewards we are offering users real, tangible rewards sent right to their front door. All they have to do is simply redeem them!

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During the holiday season we partnered with some of our top developers: Game Hive, HotHead and PikPok to give them Premium Rewards for FREE (because they’re that awesome). Users playing Beat the Boss 3 and Kill Shot Bravo were randomly rewarded with free NERF guns to practice their IRL (in real life) skills. Rival Star Basketball players won authentic Wilson basketballs personalized with the game logo.

And the results? Users loved it! After giving away 100 NERF guns and 88 basketballs, we saw redemption rates as high as 40% compared to the usual 12% with our regular rewards. Not only are users more engaged while using the app, but with Premium Rewards they stay engaged offline as well — thanks to their new NERF gun or basketball in hand!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.37.51 AMimage

Holiday Giveaway Infographic 

Intrigued? We are definitely looking to partner with new developers to offer tailored Premium Rewards that their specific users will love, at no cost to the developer, of course. Do you have a productivity app? Maybe your users would love moleskine notebooks. Fitness app? Your users might go crazy for sports gear. If this sounds as good to you as it does to us, stay tuned! We have a promotion for new developers up our sleeve for the end of this month.

Shoot an email to if you have any questions and see how you can take advantage of our new Premium Rewards Program.



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  • patel brijesh

    I m playing kill shoot bravo for almost 10 months but kiip advertisment never pops up …what can be the reason

  • Mohamed Ali

    i’m playing kill shot bravo for a yer first kiip was giving me 5 gold then it turn into 1 gold for now no thing , what’s happend ?