Attn: There’s a New Kiip SDK Required for iOS 8 Apps

iOS 8 is here. Now, so is the Kiip iOS SDK 2.1.1.

kiip ios 8 sdk

The new SDK is required for developers compiling an app for iOS 8. Integrating it into your app is the only way to ensure the best possible experience for users who recently updated their operating system.

SDK 2.1.1 includes new optimizations, bug fixes and … Kiip Rewarded Video! You’ve been hearing about it for months and now it’s ready. In addition to delivering Real and Virtual Rewards, you can combine the popularity of mobile video with the proven effectiveness of rewards.

Developers who have updated their app for iOS 8, but don’t integrate Kiip SDK 2.1.1 in their app may run into a problem: Landscape-oriented apps will show in portrait mode until the new SDK is installed.

To prevent any problems, upgrade now. It only takes a moment; just swap out the old Kiip SDK framework for the new one. Your users will thank you.

If you’ve never integrated with Kiip before and want to now, we have some great resources explaining the process. You can check out our guide, complete with step-by-step instructions (with GIFs!). Or you can watch a video of a sample app integration, which shows how developers can install the Kiip SDK in five minutes or less.

To get started, visit our

Note: Apps still targeting iOS 7 will continue to function as normal using older SDKs. So if you haven’t updated your app for the new operating system, you don’t need to worry.

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