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Monetizing on the web has always been about maximizing the number of impressions that a user can see per session. Publishers took advantage of this by displaying the maximum number of ads they possibly could, without users boycotting their site.

That was web. Mobile is not like web.

The key to mobile is adding real value to the core experiences that users actually care about. It’s about quality interactions, not quantity of impressions. That’s why Kiip targets the precise moments in apps and games where users are the most engaged. Think free Gatorade for finishing your run or free Sour Patch Kids for beating your high score. Kiip is able to reward the activity that developers want to promote, and it is done in a way that is mutually beneficial to the developer, advertiser and user. Targeting these moments also allow us to attain 14x the industry average eCPM.

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The problem is that finding the best moments to reward your users is hard. So we made it easy.

Just add Kiip moment triggers to all of the events you already have set up.”

We built Kiip’s Monetization Algorithm to target the moments in your app when users are most engaged. Just add Kiip moment triggers to all of the events you already have set up. Our algorithm auto-optimizes your app after determining which moments are the most engaging and profitable. Don’t worry: you can always turn off any moments at which you don’t want to reward users, with one click on our dashboard.

How it Works

Moments are opportunities to reward users. The more moments an app sends Kiip, the more opportunities to earn revenue. The monetization algorithm ensures there are enough moments in existing apps and that all new apps integrate Kiip properly. Below is a graph of the average performance increase we’ve seen across our test publishers.

Kiip Monetization Graph


After adding moments to all tracked events, we saw an immediate growth in revenue. Our algorithm then began determining which moments were garnering the highest engagement rates, and subsequently disabled poorly-performing ones. Poorly-performing moments were identified by their low conversion rate and low eCPMs.


Eliminating poorly-performing moments and identifying new, more engaging ones with the Kiip algorithm increased daily revenue 5.2x.

Engagement (reward redemption) rate also saw a 30% increase.

Download the latest Kiip SDKs for iOS and Android here to give it a try. Integrating a new app or just adding new moments only takes a few minutes.

Questions? Get in touch with me via email (nickp@kiip.me) or tweet me @NPataky


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This is part of Kiip’s ongoing Developer Success Guide.

Kiip is a leader in the field of app monetization. We enable developers to reward their users with advertising they enjoy. We want all developers to be successful in their ventures, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with industry observations, best practices and expert advice.  

To learn more about monetizing your app, visit kiip.me/developers or email us at success@kiip.me.

Monetize your app. Reward your users.

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