Older Games Get a New Look with Kiip Rewards

For Throwback Thursday, we’re announcing your favorite older games that now have a new twist – Kiip rewards. There are three new games on the Kiip network that pay tribute to the classics.

Stickman Jump now has Kiip rewards!

  1. Stickman Jump

What were you up to in third grade? Chances are, you drew a doodle or two on your notebook, drawing stick figures embarking on adventures outside the classroom.

With Stickman Jump, you can relive your childhood fantasies on the web. The game has all the simplicity and addictiveness of Flappy Bird, but with graphics that make you long for the days of recess.

Playing is simple: Use the arrows to help your stick figure jump from ledge to ledge. Aim for the coiled springs, but avoid the spikes. And just like Flappy Bird, it seems easy, but is harder than it sounds.

Undoubtedly, my favorite part of this game is the layout. The screen is set up like your old notebook, with those all-too-familiar blue-ruled lines. Plus, I love any game that shows off our awesome new Web SDK – and how you can win rewards just by playing.

Stickman Jump: play now and earn Kiip rewards!

As a bonus, when you miss a ledge this pops up. It’s a fairly amusing way to lose a game.

Play on web
  1. Spite & Malice

You may know Spite & Malice under a different name: Cat and Mouse, Skip-Bo or Flinch. It’s an ultra-popular vintage game where the first player to rid their cards wins.

True to its title, Spite & Malice encourages players to compete by blocking and slowing rivals down. Trivial Technology, the devs behind the app, bring the nostalgia to 2015 with customized cards and new ways to play.

To get in on the action, click the link below.

Spite & Malic now delivers Kiip rewards

Download on the App Store
  1. Piano Tiles

To play Piano Tiles, you press the black keys in succession as the screen quickly scrolls – without missing any black keys or hitting white keys by mistake. For each key hit, the piano plays one note of a famous song. Once you get the hang of things, play in different modes to challenge your reflexes: classic, zen, arcade and more.

The concept might look a little familiar. Piano Tiles is essentially a mobile and keyboard-only version of Guitar Hero, which explains its widespread appeal. Hit the correct notes, play a familiar song, reach your highest score.

Piano Tiles delivers Kiip rewards

Download on Google Play

Kiip rewards are integrated in over 3,000 games and apps. So if these three aren’t your style, catch Kiip in games like Kill Shot, Into the Dead and Robot Unicorn Attack 2. Or, let us know in the comments below who you want to see Kiip partner with next.

Rewards increase user engagement and provide better monetization opportunities for developers. It’s win-win. Join over 3,000 games and apps already using Kiip. Learn more at kiip.me/developers.

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