New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy with 10 Apps

It’s not your fault. Really. Every New Year’s you make a resolution and two weeks later you give up. Who can blame you? It’s hard to make newfound habits or adjust lifelong behavior.

Except … this might just be the year everything changes. We’ve listed the 10 most common New Year’s resolutions and matched them with 10 awesome apps that will help them stick. Check out our picks below to get a head start on your goals.

 Apps to help you keep your New Year's resolutions

Image source: Flickr, user: E’Lisa Campbell

1. Your resolution: Get in shape.
Your solution: RunKeeper.

RunKeeper is one of our favorite apps around the office. They partnered with us in August to deliver rewards to 34 million users – no small feat!

It’s easy to understand why RunKeeper is so popular. In terms of exercise, running is one of the few activities you can do for free, meaning you can download the app and save on that expensive gym membership. Plus, RunKeeper possesses a friendly disposition that keeps you on your toes. It allows you to set goals, gives you words of encouragement along the way and tracks your progress audibly, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the finish line. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder why other running apps even bother.


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2. Your resolution: Stop procrastinating.
Your solution: Finish.

Finish is the to-do list for procrastinators. Whether you suffer chronically at work or just have trouble remembering to clean the kitchen, this app is a must-have.

Finish comes with push notifications that actually keep you motivated. Organize your life by timeframe and set deadlines for each task. Or arrange tasks by focus mode, where you see urgent items listed first while the rest collapse. You can select the reminders to appear regularly or only when the due date approaches.


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3. Your resolution: Quit smoking.
Your solution: Cessation Nation.

You said it last year, but you really mean it this time. This is the year you quit smoking. Luckily, Cessation Nation has your back.

This life-saving app tells you how many days you’ve been smoke-free, how much money you’ve saved since you’ve quit and what kind of health improvements you can expect. If you’re struggling, the app offers games that serve as a welcome distraction from cravings, as well as a built-in community that offers support and some sage advice when the going gets tough.

Cessation Nation

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4. Your resolution: Eat healthier.
Your solution: Allrecipes Dinner Spinner.

I have a zillion apps in my phone’s health folder, but this one actually keeps me on track. Allrecipes comes equipped with a fantastic search function, where you can reveal recipes by dietary need, such as vegan, wheat-free, low sodium or any other restriction. And of course, there’s the Dinner Spinner feature, where you can set dish type, main ingredient and cooking time to come up with random results that could become your new go-to.

If you thought dieting was going to be difficult come New Year’s, have no fear. Allrecipes supplies endless options to pique your culinary creativity.


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5. Your resolution: Spend less, save more.
Your solution: Mint.

Cheers to getting out of debt and managing your finances like a pro. Mint is excellent for this.

Enable Mint to authorize your bank information and it will automatically input all your data. You can see how much you spend on the little things, like Lyft rides or that cup of to-go joe every morning, to target where you can cut back on expenses. You can also set goals to save a little every month, getting you one step closer to that Paris vacation or an early retirement.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a starving student or a lottery winner. Mint keeps track of every penny, so you can watch the numbers in your bank account go up.


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6. Your resolution: Eliminate stress.
Your solution: Thrive Tracker.

Thrive Tracker keeps tabs on your mood, enabling you to see weekly patterns and discern times when you’re not feeling your best. Users can enter as much or as little information as they want, including sleep habits, anxiety levels and self care data like medication and meditation. There’s even a journal, where you can write about your day. If it’s possible for an app to feel like a therapist, this is it.

Thrive Tracker

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7. Your resolution: Build better habits.
Your solution: Way of Life.

Do you keep forgetting to floss in the morning? Or drink eight glasses of water a day? Way of Life will help you fix all that.

Choose from a long list of the habits you want to build and Way of Life will organize, track and send reminders to you. The app uses red and green to visually depict your daily progress and creates trend charts to note good behavior at a glance. While it’s intuitive on its own, it has an impressive user onboarding flow that walks you through every detail on your first go around.

Way of Life

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8. Your resolution: Learn a new skill.
Your solution: DuoLingo.

To say I’m obsessed with DuoLingo would be downplaying my feelings for the app.

DuoLingo is like a free Rosetta Stone, but even more user friendly and entertaining. Each lesson is like a game and completed lessons earn you Lingots, which you can use to learn bonus skills (like pick up lines and idioms), refill hearts (which allow you to pass lessons that have too many mistakes) and dress up your Duo avatar. The messaging at the end of each lesson is so encouraging that you feel, well, good about yourself.

Competitive players can compare their progress to Facebook friends, while OCD students can brush on up weak skills for perfect performance points. It’s so much fun that you’ll forget you’re actually learning a language. As if you needed another reason to prep for that faraway adventure …


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9. Your resolution: Do something new.
Your solution: Sosh.

While Netflix and my neighborhood bar both hold special places in my heart, sometimes I crave a night out that’s a little more exciting. If you feel the same way, download Sosh and get off the couch. You’ll discover activities that cater to every interest, from themed happy hours and hidden restaurants to museum exhibits and scenic hiking trails – all in your backyard. For the do-gooders out there, Sosh even features volunteer opportunities from time to time. It certainly beats a night of same-old.

Pro tip: Search all activities for the “free” tag if you’re trying to keep costs down.


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10. Your resolution: Fall in love.
Your solution: Tinder.

There was much debate in the office over which dating app is the best. And really, it’s all about what you’re looking for.

Resident Kiip dating expert Max Howard highly recommends you use Coffee Meets Bagel. In his words, the app “refers to humans as bagels, which is a hilarious analogy.” Our Culture and Operations Champion Charisse Fontes found success when she met her now-husband on PlentyOfFish. A few people here suggested Hinge, which gives you a limited number of daily matches with whom you have mutual friends.

But let’s be real. Tinder has a behemoth user base, which supplies you with hours upon hours of right-swipe possibilities. It manages to turn dating into a game, in which each match feels like an achievement. That kind of perspective is what makes Tinder so great – when it comes to finding love, everything’s usually so serious. Sometime’s it’s nice to lighten the mood with a playful app that has the ability to make you smile. In 2015, love doesn’t have to be a battlefield.


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